‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ Has the Power

In 1982, Mattel revolutionized the toy industry when it unleashed its line of 5.5-inch action figures, Masters of the Universe. The following year, Filmation released an accompanying animated series, like all toy lines in the ’80s, and a generation of kids would never be the same. Now, nearly forty years later, a new generation will get to witness the ongoing battle between He-Man and Skeletor in Masters of the Universe: Revelation when it comes to Netflix on July 23!

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Looking Back at Batman: The Animated Series

In 1992, when I was only eight years old, my Batman knowledge was near non-existent. All I had to go on was the old Adam West Batman series that would repeat endlessly on the now-defunct Family Channel and Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, a movie that was too Tim Burton for my tastes. However, like any other kid, I loved cartoons. Getting home after school, my ritual was to grab a snack and watch The Disney Afternoon or Tiny Toon Adventures. Like the Adam West Batman, these shows were all lighthearted and mostly innocent.

Then Batman: The Animated Series premiered.

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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Vitals: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is an 81-minute feature-length animated movie based on the major DCU crossover event called Flashpoint, which happened two years ago and was helmed by writer Geoff Johns that resulted in a universe-wide reboot called “The New 52.” It can serve as either a stand-alone movie, or a primer for those who want a quick recap of how “The New 52” came to be without having to read all of Flashpoint in collected trades.

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