Jurnee Smollett to Reunite with Misha Green for ‘Black Canary’

After first breaking on the film blog Cinelinx this morning, the Black Canary-focused Birds of Prey spinoff has been confirmed by all the trades throughout the day. And if you’re still in doubt, the news also comes straight from the Canary’s mouth on Instagram:

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‘Lovecraft Country’ Roundtable Interviews

Hello NOCers,

I had the pleasure of speaking with key cast members and show runner of HBO’s Lovecraft Country, Misha Green. I hope ya’ll dig it. There are multiple outlets interviewing, and I felt it would be wild unprofessional if I edited them out, so you’ll get to hear all the questions asked by various people.

Listen to the nerdy glory.

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Shawn Went to ‘Lovecraft Country’ and Came Back with this Endorsement

[This review is based on the first five episodes of Lovecraft Country. The ADR nor the VFX were complete, so I won’t comment on those.]

If you’ve been reading The Nerds of Color for any length of time, you know that I routinely eschew the traditional review format. I don’t find it terribly interesting to read and I’m not a really big fan of writing that way. As I only cover the things I enjoy, I write endorsements instead of reviews and I am endorsing Lovecraft Country, with a few caveats.

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