NOC Review: A Worthy Return to ‘A Quiet Place’

As I came up with the title for this review, I got emotional. It’s been a long, difficult time for me not being able to enjoy a film in a darkened theater. You see, film is my second passion (behind superhero comic books of course), and while going to the cinema is an absolutely necessary sacrifice in the name of public health and safety, I can’t deny I’ve missed it. And A Quiet Place Part II represents the first film I’ve seen in a theater since March of 2020.

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See the Thrilling New Trailer for Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Panic’

Get ready for Amazon Prime Video’s newest original series, Panic! The show, which was written and created by Lauren Oliver and based on her bestselling novel, will premiere on Friday, May 28. The cast includes Olivia Welch, Mike Faist, Jessica Sula, Camron Jones, Ray Nicholson, and Enrique Murciano. All 10 episodes will hit the streaming service at the same time, making it perfect to be your next binge-worthy show.

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Bonus Hard NOC: Chiara Aurelia Discusses Episode 4 of ‘Cruel Summer’

Chiara Aurelia portrays Jeanette Turner, a nerdy and sweet high schooler who wants more from life, in Freeform’s highly anticipated new drama Cruel Summer. I got to speak with the actress all about the series and episode 4, “You Don’t Hunt, You Don’t Eat,” before it aired so beware: we will be getting into spoilers. New episodes of the series air Tuesdays at 10 PM EDT/PDT on Freeform and are available the next day on Hulu.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Star Lennie James Talks New Show ‘Save Me Too’

Peacock’s new gripping drama series, Save Me Too, premieres today and I had the opportunity to sit down with executive producer and star,  Lennie James (Fear the Walking DeadThe Walking Dead, and Colombiana). The show is the second season of the award-winning thriller Save Me, which is currently streaming on Peacock as well. Lennie created, wrote, and stars in the star-studded British series. The show won the Best Writer for a Drama series and Best Drama Series awards at the 2019 RTS Awards and was nominated for a BAFTA for the Outstanding Drama Series Award.

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The Fixer: An Interview with ‘Tenet’ Star Himesh Patel

The Tenet train keeps on rolling! As Christopher Nolan’s latest continues to invert the box office with its mind-bending greatness, we at the NOC were lucky enough to meet with the film’s “Fixer,” Himesh Patel, for an interview co-led by AsAm News correspondant, and friend of the show, Erin Wen Ai Chew!

Check it out below!

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The Master of Inversion: ‘Tenet’ Star John David Washington

Tenet has made its way into theaters! And though it’s no secret that the pandemic has hindered our ability to see the film on IMAX screens as auteur, Christopher Nolan, intended, I was very fortunate to run out and see it from the safety of my car at an LA drive-in recently. And let me tell you, this is one heck of a twisty, complex, roller coaster ride that challenges and thrills you! Multiple viewings will be required. That said, I encourage folks to treat themselves to a drive-in night to see it as safely and as soon as possible, because it’s incredibly fun!

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Fantasia Film Fest 2020 Review: ‘The Columnist’

I’ve had my many run-ins with cyberbullying. The thought has, and will probably continue to cross my mind, that if I ever met some of these bullies I’m going to give them a piece of my mind. Avo Van Aart’s new film The Columnist takes that sentiment to a whole different level. Actress Katja Herbers stars as an author, former columnist, and homicidal maniac that uses murder to cure writer’s block. This absurdist black comedy goes deep into the psyche of a woman who is tired — tired of patriarchy and tired of cyberbullying.

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‘Searching’ for a New Kind of Thriller with John Cho

After a long weekend of interviews, John Cho walked into a room full of Asian and Asian American reporters anxiously waiting to talk to him about his new film Searching, a mystery thriller that not only uses a new medium of filming via the lens of your everyday devices, but is, also, the first of its genre to star an Asian American lead… ever. This movie is important to us and Cho knows it.

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