The Master of Inversion: ‘Tenet’ Star John David Washington

Tenet has made its way into theaters! And though it’s no secret that the pandemic has hindered our ability to see the film on IMAX screens as auteur, Christopher Nolan, intended, I was very fortunate to run out and see it from the safety of my car at an LA drive-in recently. And let me tell you, this is one heck of a twisty, complex, roller coaster ride that challenges and thrills you! Multiple viewings will be required. That said, I encourage folks to treat themselves to a drive-in night to see it as safely and as soon as possible, because it’s incredibly fun!

The Nerds of Color was lucky enough to sit down with its amazing and charismatic star, John David Washington, recently to talk about some of the themes and messages of the movie, as well as what it was like to be the first person of color to lead a Nolan blockbuster (I’m still trying to convince myself it happened, because oh my god!).

If you want to see what John David had to say, check it out right here:

Tenet is now playing wherever theaters are open, and in select drive-ins around the country!

Please go see it so I can talk to someone about it!