NOC Recaps The Legend of Korra: Family Feud Edition

Episode Four: “Civil Wars, Part 2”

Father’s Day comes early this year on this episode of The Legend of Korra, where all the story lines reveal their daddy issues, both good and bad. And like any good dad, this episode was chock-full of jokes, action, and squee-inducing tenderness.

First off, Korra. As we learned from the end of Part 1, Unalaq placed his brother, Tonraq, under arrest for conspiracy to kidnap and assassinate him. At this point, Korra is just starting to feel suspicious of her uncle, but still believes him when he insists the trial is merely a formality, that the judge will be fair, and they can put this all behind them soon. Of course, since we are not naïve teenage superheroes, we knew the following would happen: Tonraq and his friends are found guilty of treason and sentenced to death, but due to Unalaq’s eloquent appeal for clemency, they are given life in prison instead.

In prison, Tonraq makes Korra promise not to do anything rash, but seeing her mom cry helplessly in an empty house makes her go berserker. She and Naga pull over the judge’s SatoMobile, and use some, er, innovative interrogation techniques to get the judge to sing like a canary-tortoise. Unalaq set everything up so he wouldn’t have to share the Avatar with his brother, and not only that, he was the one who set up Tonraq’s banishment all those years ago!

“It’s not about what I want, it’s about what Naga wants.” Best bad cop line ever.

Next up, Tenzin and his search for Ikki. Luckily before Child Protective Services was called in, he finds her blithely having a pretend brunch with four BABY SKY BISON (this is where we all say “Squeeeeeee!!!”).

Meet Blueberry Spicehead, Princess Rainbow, Twinkle Starchild, and Juniper Lightning Bug, Ikki’s new friends and Korra’s homages to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Oops, Twinkle Star Child fall down go boom.

Instead of chiding her and rushing her home, Tenzin asks to join this party, showing fathers everywhere how it’s done. He listens without judgment as she declares the babies are her new siblings because “Meelo and Jinora stink.” He then acknowledges her frustration and hurt feelings, then lets her come to her own conclusion that siblings, although they are annoying and at times hurtful, ultimately, they will always be there for you. D’awwww!

Tenzin and Ikki’s daddy-daughter bonding may have gotten my husband laid. Just sayin’.

Back at the Southern Water Tribe, Korra now looks at her corrupt uncle with both eyes open, and enlists Team Avatar to help her bust her father and his friends out of jail. This time around, additional help comes in the form of Varrick, the eccentric entrepreneur, hiding from the cops inside a platypus bear with his assistant, Zhu Lee.

At the prison, Korra discovers her father’s cell is empty, and she and Unalaq have a showdown. She confronts him and his power-hungry ways, but she is clearly outwitted by him. She flings out demands and accusations while he coolly dismisses each one, Fire vs. Ice. Apparently, Korra is of no further use to him anyway, so he doesn’t even care where her allegiances lie anymore. He is getting the war he wanted all along. After physically overpowering him, Korra and Team Avatar run out to catch a boat that is taking the prisoners North.

Luckily for them, Varrick is the Asian Steampunk James Bond, and has all the gadgets necessary to help them evade the Northern fleet and catch up to Unalaq’s ship: a huge pagoda-yacht, complete with fold-up biplane. Team Avatar is still as strong as ever, with Asami especially shining. She has really come into her own as a vital member of the team! After an epic takeover of the ship, Team Avatar once again saves the day.

However, war between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes is imminent. Korra is tasked with convincing the United Republic president to send the United Forces to fight for the South. That is, if they can get past heartbroken Eska first.

Hell hath no fury like a waterbender scorned.

The Whoo!

There were so many awesome moments, I cannot possibly list them all. Some of my favorites:

  • Prop Plane – Runway + 2 Fire Benders = JET PLANE!
  • Ping Ping the Platypus Bear pooping yuans.
  • Korra is headed back to Republic City to talk to the United Forces. Does this mean the dulcet huskiness of Dante Bosco’s voice will once more fill our ears? I hope so!
This absolutely squee-tastic family picture featuring adult Aang and Katara, with a young Bumi, who is a spitting image of his Uncle Sokka, Toddler Kya who looks exactly like her mom, and Bebeh Tenzin and his binky!!!

The Meh!

  • Bolin the Clown is still a cardboard-cutout clown! Argh! Although I have to admit I was rolling on the floor when I saw him dressed up as a Water Tribe Goth Boyfriend.
I predict this will be a popular cosplay at Comic-Con this year.
  • Lin Beifong-less episode count: 4. Tears!

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