Don’t Click — Dead Inside

The chill in the air — and those moans in the distance — can only mean one thing: The Walking Dead is back! We at The Nerds of Color are very excited for the return of everyone’s favorite zombie drama, especially now that Lawrence Gillard Jr. has joined the castWire fans, rejoice! D’Angelo and Cutty fighting zombies! So in honor of the show’s return, we are christening this week “Walker Week.” And in Nerdland, the Walker Week begins on a Friday (so what if Solomon Grundy was born on a Monday?).

With Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic series celebrating ten years on the shelf and reaching its milestone 115th issue — which is currently the top selling single comic issue of 2013, and since Halloween is just around the corner, we figured what better time to honor the (living) dead than right now?

Check back later today for Jenn’s thoughts on The Walking Dead‘s Glenn and how Steve Yeun’s portrayal of said character is revolutionizing how Asian Americans are seen in media (a post that originally ran on Reappropriate back in February). And next week, we’ll be filling your gouged out eyeballs with all kinds of zombie goodies, culminating in a special all-zombie episode of Hard N.O.C. Life!

And be sure to follow @TheNerdsofColor on twitter this Sunday night since we’ll be live-tweeting the premiere. Use the hashtag #NOCemDead to join in on the fun!

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