#NOCemDead: We Live-Tweeted the Walking Dead Premiere

Last night, millions of viewers tuned in to AMC’s The Walking Dead for its fourth season premiere. And the Nerds were no exception. Throughout the broadcast, our very own Jenn Fang took to twitter to live-tweet the whole thing. Some choice tweets are below, but you can view the whole stream on Storify or follow @TheNerdsofColor on twitter. Use the hashtag #NOCemDead to join in on the fun as we attempt to live-tweet the whole season!

Also, SPOILERS!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “#NOCemDead: We Live-Tweeted the Walking Dead Premiere

  1. A few Monday morning quarterback corrections: 1) obviously, I was looking to see if Daryl, not Dale, rejoined the Prison, and 2) Tyreese’s name is Tyreese, not Tyrone.

    Sorry for the early errors!

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