Jason Momoa as Lobo by CC-Scorsese

Jason Momoa MUST Play Lobo in Man of Steel 2

I will accept no other casting. It is too fraggin’ perfect.

Ever since news broke that Jason Momoa (aka Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones or Conan from, well, Conan the Barbarian) was in talks to join the cast of the movie I refuse to call Batman Vs. Superman, I could think of no other role other than the Main Man himself. While speculation on who he might be playing has ranged from characters as different as Martian Manhunter, Bizarro, Doomsday, and Metallo, one thing is for sure, the dude is the spitting image of the Scourge o’ the Cosmos.

The guys at Nerdist know what’s up:

For our part, we’d love to float a much cooler idea, Jason Momoa as The Main Man himself, Lobo. Come on. Search your heart, you know it to be true. You want the Khaleesi’s main squeeze to be the biggest bastich in the galaxy.

Whoever he’s playing, it’s pretty clear that Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder should just admit that Man of Steel 2 is really going to be called Justice League. Maybe then, people will finally stop calling this thing Batman Vs. Superman.

You’re not fooling anyone anymore.

6 thoughts on “Jason Momoa MUST Play Lobo in Man of Steel 2

  1. LOVE Jason Momoa. Saw him for the first time on Game of Thrones and my jaw literally dropped open. And there may have been drool. Which everyone in my entourage was super surprised about, cause my taste leads more towards men like Viscerys than Drogo. But I dunno, there’s just something about him. He’s got such a still intensity that he really doesn’t need to say anything at all to get his message across. And his face is just so beautiful, even with the facial hair which, again, is not my type. I was very, very upset that Drogo died. He was a wonderful character, completing Daenarys in every way, and she him. I wish they’d spent more time on their falling in love, but I understand that they only had 10 hours to film 34 hours worth of material (I got that number, btw, by how long it takes to listen to the audiobook).

  2. Agreed. That guy just need some face paint and hes Lobo. Anything else is a miscast. Doomsday should be cgi like hulk, not an actor in cumbersome body suit like bad ff thing. Who cares about luthor at this point. Throw brainiac in as the mastermind.

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