Asian American Iron Fist at Comics Alliance

I know you’re probably sick of all the Iron Fist talk lately. I know there are a bunch of folks on the internet — and in our comment threads — who definitely are. Pro tip: if you write something that pisses off the fanboys, and then gets spread across the ‘net, it’s best to stay away from the message boards and comments. Yeesh.

So I promise this is the last mention — at least for now. But I just wanted to share this interview I did with the awesome crew at the website that’s way cooler than this one: Comics Alliance!

“In my original post, I lay out how an Asian American Danny Rand can still be all the things from the comic: the son of a wealthy businessman on an expedition in China, student of Lei Kung, lover of Misty Knight, friend to Luke Cage,” Chow told ComicsAlliance. “Danny being white is not essential to any of this.

“In fact, his whiteness is the most problematic thing about the character. The parts of the classic Iron Fist story I have the most problems with — its Orientalism and cultural appropriation — can be alleviated if an Asian American actor is Danny.”

Big thanks to Andrew Wheeler for the interview!

Speaking of Andrew, he joined fellow CA staff Andy Khouri, Caleb Goellner, and Chris Sims on a new episode of the Comics Alliance Podcast to continue the discussion about the idea of casting an Asian American Iron Fist.

Finally, and non-Comics Alliance related, our pal Whitney Matheson gave us another shout out in Pop Candy this morning!

If you haven’t already, and you think an Asian American Iron Fist is a good idea, sign this 18MillionRising petition to show your support!

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