We’re Ready to Ride the Lightning with The Flash

At the beginning of the recently concluded television season, the creators of Arrow announced they were going to produce a spin-off based on Barry Allen, aka The Flash. Last month on Hard N.O.C. Life, we had the privilege to pick the brain of Andy Poon, the concept illustrator behind the costumes on Arrow and Smallville, and we had an intriguing discussion about Barry Allen. Most of us here at the NOC have been watching Arrow, and I voiced my enthusiasm about the episode (“The Scientist”) in which Barry — as played by Glee’s Grant Gustin — first appears.

As always we were skeptical, but knowing that the creators of Arrow were involved, I had hope. It also helped that the producers seemed to be filling out the cast with plenty of people of color. Then images of The Flash’s costume were leaked, and I seriously began to have doubts.

We’ve had this conversation about the costume before, it doesn’t match the expectations at all. I mean, this is supposed to be the fastest man alive, and he’s wearing what seems to be biker gear? He’s more set for a long cross-country ride on his Harley than to be the wisecracking superhero we all know and love.

But then I caught a glimpse of this.

I can’t help it. This show looks really promising. Lots of action, twists, drama, S.T.A.R. Labs. It’s also nice to see that diverse cast (Jesse L. Martin as Detective West, Candice Patton as Iris West, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon) in action. Add to that a cameo by Stephen Amell, the Arrow himself? Fellow NOC Shawn Taylor said it best:

“[Flash] looks dope. DC is killing the TV game.”

Which, I guess means we can overlook the ill-fitting Daredevil-looking costume. At least it looks more tolerable in action, which means you don’t have an excuse to not watch the series.

At least, I hope so that’s the case. We will find out in the fall!

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