Kickstart This: Jamie Noguchi’s Kitsune Hoodie

The Kitsune Hoodie is a zip-up hoodie featuring an all-over printed fox spirit design.

Like many web cartoonists, I occasionally design shirts to supplement my income. But I’ve never been very good at coming up with the clever designs or mashups that you might see on popular t-shirt sites. My shirt designs tend to feature strange creatures.

T-shirts are fun to design. It’s always a great challenge to come up with new ways to use a canvas. I wanted to push further. Hoodies offer more surface to work with, but most of the designs I had seen didn’t take advantage of the full garment. I decided to look into all-over sublimated printing. Which brings me to this project.

This is the first time I’ve worked with this hoodie manufacturer. They’ve told me they have a 10-12 day turn around period for orders of around 100 so if I end up getting orders above that, it will take them more time.

If successful, I will keep all backers as informed as possible. When I know something, you’ll know something.

Jamie Noguchi is a Maryland-based artist and creator of Yellow Peril, an Asian American office romance comedy webcomic. He is also a co-founder of Super Art Fight, the greatest live art competition in the known universe.