The Pristine Balance: The Role of Wonder Woman in the DC Trinity

In honor of Women’s History Month…

Musician Janelle Monae has an empowering motto that she shares with other women: “Come in peace, but mean business.”

There couldn’t possibly be a better motto that sums up Wonder Woman, more specifically her role in the DC Trinity. Too often Wonder Woman is conflated for Super Woman, i.e., a female version of Superman and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Themysciran Princess has her own agency and a most vital purpose. She’s the pristine balance.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

As the icon of truth and justice, Superman is aware of what he represents to the people of Earth. As a result, there are certain lines he can never allow himself to cross. Forged by the very darkness he battles against, Batman understands that because he’s so close to said darkness, he has to take extra care to make certain he isn’t corrupted by it.

The Amazon isn’t burdened by such issues. She descends from a proud and rich warrior culture. While she knows the fundamentals of war, Diana also understands the importance of peace and what is required to achieve it. As a princess, an Amazon and a super heroine, Wonder Woman knows that tough calls must be made and is capable of making them.

Wonder Woman will do whatever is necessary for the greater good. She will remove her eyesight to slay the Gorgons. She will be a sponsor to help rehabilitate Silver Swan, one of her deadliest foes. She will snap Maxwell Lord’s neck to prevent him from turning a mind- controlled Superman into a mass-murderer.

Wonder Woman can take extreme action if the situation requires it, but she also has the wisdom to know when such action is warranted.

It’s no coincidence that of the three members of the Trinity, Wonder Woman has the smallest rogues gallery. It’s also no accident that Diana’s patron goddess has frequently been Athena: the goddess of wisdom and war.

The ambassador of peace and equality, Wonder Woman is the pristine balance who comes in peace, but always means business.

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