Five Potential Superhero Roles For Jennifer Lopez

Although American Idol is coming to a close, host, singer, actress, and entertainment icon Jennifer Lopez isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Last year she co-starred with Viola Davis in the critically acclaimed thriller, Lila & Eve. Currently she can also be seen on the NBC police drama, Shades of Blue.

It was around this time last year when Lopez made it known that she’d be interested in landing a superhero role.

Yes, we have arrived at the stage of the comic book renaissance where the cool kids are jumping on bandwagons and wanting to sit next to the comic book nerds just to have the inside seat on what’s cool.

It’s both amusing and conflicting.

Typically I’m the last person who would assume the role of gatekeeper when it comes to comics. My philosophy has generally been there’s a place for everyone. However some of the actors wanting to star in the next Marvel film has me raising an eyebrow.

Even though I’m suspicious of the motives of certain actors “expressing interest,” my inner Scrooge McDuck doesn’t begrudge anyone who’s hustling for that check.

With that being said, one of the reasons why the comic book film genre continues to be successful is because most of the actors and other involved parties are either fans of the source material they’re adapting, or at minimum respect the material enough to deliver an excellent performance.

Certainly, a point worth keeping in mind.

When it comes to Lopez, my initial reaction was skepticism but upon further thought, I realized in her case it made perfect sense.

Between shows like American Idol and her public persona as an iconic pop diva, it’s very easy to forget the caliber of talent Lopez possesses. From being on the Block to a Fly Girl on In Living Color, to strong performances in films like Selena, Maid In Manhattan, Shall We Dance, and Monster-in-Law, Lopez has consistently delivered.

Whether it’s television, film, or music, Lopez has not only thrived but she’s dominated decisively for well over a decade.

Few artists will ever achieve Lopez’s success in one industry, much less all three. Lopez is the first person in history to have both a number one film and album in the same week. Comic book superheroes might be the one genre Lopez hasn’t conquered. So for her, this is probably yet another goal to attain.

A talent like Lopez would definitely be a major boost to the genre and would bring mainstream interest similar to what was done when Will Smith was selected for the role of Deadshot in the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

It has to be the right role for Lopez and of course the right story. The following are five prospective roles/vehicles for the superstar.


Manhunter (Kate Spencer)
A stand-alone Manhunter film would be ideal for Lopez’s debut into the superhero genre. Spencer is not as burdened with so much history in comparison to other characters and Lopez could certainly make this role her own.


Dazzler (Alison Blaire)
Granted J.Lo playing a mutant pop star isn’t exactly a stretch, but I surmise she would enjoy the opportunity to provide some satiric pokes at the world of pop stardom. Lopez as Dazzler would definitely provide the dated X-Man a long overdue revamp.


Dr. Cecilia Reyes
Dr. Reyes always made for very interesting storytelling in the X-Men comics. Although a mutant, she usually wanted no part of the never-ending battles and conflict that defined the mutant struggle. However fate often had other plans and Dr. Reyes would emerge as an unlikely and a reluctant hero. Lopez could definitely handle the role in a future X-Men film or a spin-off flick.


Star Sapphire
Over the years Star Sapphire has been both villainess and heroine. Lopez could portray an original Sapphire wielder separate from Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan, and other Lantern history. She could play a Rogue Sapphire that comes into her own as a heroine.


Catwoman(H/T to the reader who suggested this).
Lopez could be the Selina Kyle to Affleck’s Bruce Wayne.

Too soon?

7 thoughts on “Five Potential Superhero Roles For Jennifer Lopez

  1. Hips don’ lie; cast her as Wonder Wonder and sack Gal Gadot.

    Ms. Marvel (Carol [ina] Danvers) would be right up Lopez’s alley.

    Spiderwoman – Need I say more?

    Kismet – Originally known as “Paragon” and then as “Her”, Kismet is an artificial life-form created By Enclave to be the Mate of Him (Adam Warlock).

    Thundra – From an alternate reality, Thundra is the mightiest warrior from the United Sisterhood Republic, a country populated and ruled by the Femizons, a matriarchal society of Amazon-like women warriors. Thundra’s reality is the alternate reality of the 23rd century Earth-715. Thundra is the strongest person of her world

    Sersei- Sersi is an Eternal. She is the daughter of Helios and Perse. Sersi is the only fifth level adept, the highest possible, among the Eternals in the discipline of matter rearrangement. Amongst the Eternals it’s said that even Prime-Eternal Zuras, mightiest of all Eternals, fears the power of Sersi.

    Super Woman – She’d give ole Kal-El a run for his money

    Tigra – Greer Nelson (née Grant) first appeared, as The Cat in the comic, of the same name. She later became Tigra through a mystic ritual that bound the soul of one of the Cat People, to her own.

    Catwoman – Speaking of the feline….Hell yeah! I could see JLO in a Catwoman reboot.

  2. These are definitely some interesting roles, but frankly, are JLo’s acting skills really up to the task? She’s not really ever shown herself to be that talented an actor, in my opinion, and her track record at the box office and in the eyes of most movie critics seems to support that conclusion. We’ve already seen how poor casting choices can really torpedo a film based on comic book material (Jessica Alba ring any bells?), so wouldn’t it be better to push for truly skilled and talented actors of color for such roles?

  3. I don’t know about JLo, but Renee Montoya’s live action debut is long overdue.

  4. Many people including me think that Jennifer Lopez would be amazing superhero. Actually I prefer to see JLo in DC Comics instead of Margot and Gal!

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