#AskLexi II: We Are Lexi

On a very cold sub-zero January evening in Minnesota (talking windchill -30 F people) , one of our favorite NOCs was ready for some questions. Director, writer, activist, martial artist, general badass, and real life superhero Lexi Alexander joined me at The NOC for another round of #AskLexi. I wasn’t prepared for the hundreds of fans that overwhelmed us with questions, but the feeling of love radiated out of the computer and warmed my heart in the chilly house. Here are some highlights.

When news broke that same week that there were unconfirmed rumors of Marvel and Netflix starting a new The Punisher spinoff from Jon Bernthal’s performance as Frank Castle in the upcoming Daredevil Season 2, Lexi Alexander’s Twitter exploded. And for good reason. Lexi’s Punisher: War Zone from 2008 is a masterpiece in over-the-top action, violence, and adrenaline. In other words: THE FUCKING PUNISHER! It is considered by many, like myself, to be the best cinematic adaptation of the character thus far. She was so overwhelmed, much like we were during #AskLexi, that she couldn’t respond to all the Twitter mentions. She went after it right away:


From there, if I had any control, I had lost it. You know, 15 minutes in. Nailed it. However, the flood of questions were great and we did our best as the good vibes lifted us away.

For fans of Arrow, Supergirl, and all things Berlanti, it appears her time in the DC Universe may be far from over:





Long before I knew who Lexi Alexander was, I was playing more competitive football (soccer, ok?) and was recommended a film by teammates. I was blown away by Green Street Hooligans. So this, my fellow footyheads, will make you all scream with joy:


TV was a common theme. Lexi responded to what she wants to direct, likes to watch, and more:






Including her upcoming TV directing gig:


She also let us in on her dream TV project:


Did I mention I can play Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Lexi? In my blood. Just putting it out there.

There were some questions on her take on the very scary political climate if you happen to be of MENA descent, or could just be confused as such:


And added a creative solution:


Like many of us, she also loved Mad Max: Fury Road:


Who wouldn’t want to see these two working together? 2 birds, 1 stone: Mirren in with Angelina for Lexi Alexander presents: Salt II!?



We briefly touched on #OscarsSoWhite II: The Revenge. She also got a number of questions revolving around her activism throwing elbows in her fight for diversity, inclusion, and better representation in Hollywood. Here are a few:






In what would be an interesting creative jiu-jitsu sweep from comic movie to comics, she said:


Or perhaps a novel to adapt for the screen?


Reebok? Dudebros. That explains why we haven’t been aware of this:


POC movie recommendation? Had to end the evening with a mic drop. This was it:


Thanks again to Lexi Alexander for taking time out of her busy schedule for The NOC and all of you that participated. I apologize again to all those questions we weren’t able to answer. I went under a huge wave once, not sure I would make it out. When the #AskLexi wave hit, I thought: “That time in Salvador; not so bad.” Rest assured, I read every Tweet and I enjoyed seeing writers and other industry folk of color find one another.

A few people other than Lexi even jumped in to help answer too. Cheers for that. There will be more structure next time, or we’ll go back to the the Hard NOC Life interview format. Either way, please note I wrote NEXT TIME.

Honestly though, as I tried to stay on top of things, I couldn’t help pausing and feeling indirectly embraced by the love. Lexi is so important and inspirational to all of us in different ways in all that she says and does. Though divided by geography, we’re a community; a family circle. Lexi is our center. She wrote a stellar piece called We Are Brieanne. I would add: We Are Lexi.

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