Fans Sound Off on Into the Badlands Couple Sunny and Veil

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Into the Badlands is coming into its second season March 19, and even though we’re psyched about the level of action and and suspense, we’re also focused on the family aspect of the show, which is worrying about how Sunny’s going to get back to his family, Veil and their newborn baby.

Check out the trailer for an insight into what we can expect this season:

One of the elements I’ve loved the most about Into the Badlands is the relationship between Sunny and Veil, especially the backstory behind why Daniel Wu specifically wanted Sunny and Veil (Madeleine Mantock) to be an interracial Asian man/black woman relationship.

As he told Slate:

“…[I]t felt especially important to show an Asian male as having a sensual side. We all know the story of Romeo Must Die, how Jet Li is the movie’s hero, and the whole time you see this connection developing between him and Aaliyah, who played the female lead. And in the last scene, Li was supposed to kiss her, but when they showed the movie to test audiences, people said they found that disgusting. In the version they released, you just see them give each other a hug. So I don’t want to say this is groundbreaking, because we need to make this a success yet, but it’s cool that we were able to right that wrong too. It’s been 15 years since Romeo Must Die, and 40 years since Kung Fu. That’s just ridiculous. But it’s Hollywood, so I’ll take it.”

This point comes up a bit on this site, but Wu’s insistence on redoing Romeo Must Die in his own way is important, since the only other times (at least in my memory) that we’ve seen an interracial AM/BW relationship on TV was during Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella in 1997, with Brandy as the titular character and Paolo Montalban as the prince:

And 2009’s Flash Forward with John Cho as Demetri Noh (who I believe saw his own death??) and Gabrielle Union as his fiancee Zoey Andata:

And until the recent boom in shows featuring Asian American men like Fresh Off the Boat and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the most recent example of an Asian man as the love interest on a show was, once again, Cho in Selfie. 

In short, Into the Badlands is super important to the discussion of representation for interracial relationships, particularly interracial relationships between two non-white individuals and, of course, relationships between Asian men and African American women.

There’s a whole host of other things that makes Sunny and Veil great, so to list them all, I asked the good folks on Twitter why they love Sunny and Veil’s relationship.

Why do you love Sunny and Veil? Give your reasons in the comments section!

6 thoughts on “Fans Sound Off on Into the Badlands Couple Sunny and Veil

  1. Interesting that Wu wants to reboot Romeo Must Die so who’s the next Aaliyah? Alexandra Shipp? It would be COOL if Anthony Anderson now played her dad. And, isn’t it interesting that Vanishing Sun Russell Wong was in Romeo Must Die as the baddie opposite Jet Li and in real life Wong has a half-Black daughter from a relationship with a Black woman but you never see pics of her on the Internet.

  2. so we ignore gay asians? we people too! how to get away with murder baby!!! not excited for the show as season one for me was mostly a let down but i will be watching so hopefully its a step up.
    side note, what is a bamf??? yes i dont speak the interenets and PROUD

  3. Veil grounds Sunny and makes his world worth fighting for because she is worth fighting for. She is loving and respectful to him but not a floor mat. She still speaks her mind and has her own ideas.
    Sunny starts the season as a very passive character, who only follows orders, but through Veil, his baby, and MK, he discovers that he’s willing to fight for what HE wants, and not just for what his boss wants.

  4. The other trope I enjoy is the whole beauty and the beast thing. Veil grounds Sunny in his humanity. In a world where brutality, strength are the norm she is a moral character whose skills as a healer are not the most valuable skills. I hope we learn more about this world it’s in the far future my guess after a nuclear war.

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