The Star Wars Liberals Want

As is customary whenever a new Star Wars film is about to come out, Vanity Fair runs a special edition with gorgeous photographs by the renowned Annie Liebovitz. The Last Jedi is no exception since the magazine just released four special variant covers to this year’s Star Wars issue. They’re all great, but one photo definitely stands out the most for us nerds of color:

Who could have imagined when the franchise debuted forty years ago that one day, we’d get a Vanity Fair cover featuring three people of color as the leads of Star Wars? Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now!

Go to Vanity Fair to see the other covers, and go here to listen to me geek out about Star Wars with the Desi Geek Girls, Preeti and Swapna! It’s also proof we came up with the “May the 40th Be With You” tagline first. Just sayin’.

2 thoughts on “The Star Wars Liberals Want

  1. The Vixen movie just came out on disc as well. Great time to be an NOC. MTFOOBWY.

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