We Need #WonderWomanTAS

As Wonder Woman continues to break box office records, there still isn’t enough content featuring everyone’s favorite Amazon. That’s why artists Jermaine Dickerson and Taylor Cordingley have each been championing for a Wonder Woman animated series.

Both artists stop by Hard NOC Life, along with Keith’s DCTV Classics’ co-host Desiree Rodriguez, to talk about how an animated Wonder Woman can finally be the intersectional, feminist, and diverse series we’ve all been waiting for!

All this and more on Hard NOC Life! Watch it on your screen, hit “play,” and check this.

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3 thoughts on “We Need #WonderWomanTAS

  1. a wonder woman animated series is waaay over due but you expecting too much lol. you want people who arent into wonder woman to know her and thats not how it works. i know everything about her cause i READ all her comics i know next to nothing about batman cause ZERO INTEREST. so rather just a comic or in other media if you not interested you not interested nothing is going to change that. there is no excuse especially if you read comics not to know about wonder woman and her supporting cast unless you are just not interested lol so if its hard for you to find us who know her its cause you are going after people who arent into her. i know plenty of comic readers and few read wonder woman, she just doesnt reach a lot of people for whatever reason: magical, female, not relatible, too much like superman who they already like, whatever it may be. so that is what would need to be addressed first before doing the series so you know what to add, what to change and what to keep and heighten more

  2. This was a terrific discussion, and I especially liked the segment on colorism.

    At 18:47 another important issue was mentioned, and I would love to hear a discussion on the topic of the casting of non-black and white actors as characters of color in animation and video games on Hard NOC Life. As an anime fan and gamer I’ve noticed that white or non-black voice actors are typically cast as black characters or characters of color. For example, Johnny Yong Bosch was cast as Orga in Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS, Steve Staley was cast as Pyunma in Cyborg 009 Vs. Devilman, Patrick Seitz was cast as Geronimo Jr. in 009 Re: Cyborg, Wendee Lee was cast as Amida Arca in Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS, Laura Bailey was cast as Nadine Ross in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, etc. The list goes on and on. This doesn’t seem to be an issue that either many people have noticed or deem to be of importance, and I’d like to hear the N.O.C.’s tak on it.

    There are maybe 4 well-known black actors in the voice over community: Phil LaMarr, Kevin Michael Richardson, Keith David, and Beau Billingslea, and I strongly feel this needs to change, because actors of all races deserve opportunities in the field of voice acting.

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