Southern Fried Asian: Manny Jacinto

Manny Jacinto may not be an actual Southern Fried Asian, but he plays one on TV! Keith welcomes the star of NBC’s hit comedy, The Good Place on a brand new pod!

After Manny describes growing up in Richmond… B.C. in Canada and moving to Los Angeles (2:00), he reveals how he got the role of Jason Mendoza on The Good Place (4:30). He and Keith then go into an extended discussion on how the show is “sneaky diverse” (8:30) and the identity crisis Manny felt when he traveled to Jacksonville during the Jaguars’ playoff run (12:00)! Later, they talk about how The Good Place has become such a pop cultural phenomenon (16:00), how he’s preparing for season three (24:00), and what it’s like interacting with the show’s dedicated fandom (28:00). Also, learn which Better Luck Tomorrow character Manny always pretended to be (30:00) and which Asian American stars he wants to work with next (35:15). Finally, he recalls the most interesting thing he put in his mouth at the Jaguars game and shouts out the pork buns at New Town Bakery in  British Columbia.

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