‘Captain Marvel’ Directors Dive Deep into Carol Danvers and Brie Larson

Captain Marvel is set to release in less than one month, and fans have been anticipating for more juicy details about our awesome HERo and the woman playing her, Brie Larson. During a set visit in May, Captain Marvel directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck revealed the importance of Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, being the first woman-led superhero film for Marvel and the first being directed by a woman director.

“I feel incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to, to be here with this awesome group of people,” Boden told The Nerds of Color. “It amazes me that I am the first female director to be doing one of their films. But I, you know, [I’m] just kind of trying to tackle it like I would any other job. And the more I think about that stuff, the less focused I am. Just kind of trying to work every day, and one of the things that I love about this movie is that what a collaboration — what an amazing collaboration it is.”

Boden does feel a little bit of pressure, but has faith in Captain Marvel as a character. Boden revealed, “There’s a lot of pressure and a lot of responsibility, I think to, you know, make this film live up to all the potential it has. Starting from an awesome character in the comics. Just an amazing, powerful woman in Brie Larson, who’s embodying her and, you know, also all the incredible filmmakers that have worked with Marvel in the past.”

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel | L to R: Director Anna Boden and Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) on set.
Photo: Chuck Zlotnick | ©Marvel Studios 2019

With Captain Marvel considered the ‘most powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic universe,’ Boden and Fleck wanted to be sure to showcase not only how strong the character was physically, but also Danvers’ emotional story arc in finding herself.

“The story lends itself to it,” revealed Boden. “We just found what we thought was strong and powerful about this character and, you know, kind of stayed to that story and, no we’re not trying to make this movie about all women, we can’t make it about all women’s journeys, but just be really true to this woman’s journey.”

Boden and Fleck also revealed that the story isn’t surrounding a love story, like many superhero movies have done previously, but is mainly about friendship and self-discovery.

“All of our movies touch on the idea of friendship,” said Boden. “And all of our favorite movies touch on the idea of friendship, and it’s such an important part of this film. She goes through a lot of different friendship discoveries in this film, and so are very unexpected. And that’s, really, part of what makes it a fun journey, I think. But the self-discovery and the discovery of her own power and the discovery of what it means to be human is also extremely essential to this film.”

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel |L to R: Director Ryan Fleck and Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) on set.
Photo: Chuck Zlotnick | ©Marvel Studios 2019

Of course, Captain Marvel is not fully formed until they found the right actress to play the role. Boden and Fleck could not stop praising Larson’s commitment to the role.

“Brie is the most powerful woman in the universe,” exclaimed Fleck. “Did you guys talk to her? See, right? No, she really- her commitment, her dedication, she’s just so fierce. Everything she does is a hundred percent, and it’s like every day we’re super inspired and awed by her.”

Captain Marvel opens in theaters everywhere on March 8.

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