Southern Fried Asian: Jamie Noguchi

Happy Holidays! Not only is it Christmastime, but this is also Jamie Noguchi week on Hard NOC Media! Before he guests on a special Rise of Skywalker focused edition of Hard NOC Life, Jamie is also Keith’s guest on this month’s Southern Fried Asian.

Jamie and Keith start by negotiating the southern bona fides of the DC-Maryland-Virginia region, otherwise known as “The DMV” (1:15). Jamie then reflects on what it was like growing up in Montgomery County in a less-than-diverse school (5:30), how nerd culture went from being welcoming to being toxic (8:30), and when he started to interrogate his Asian American identity (15:00). Later, Jamie extols the virtues of practice over talent (20:00) and reflects on the moment he decided to be an artist (27:30). Then Jamie shares some details on a new project he’s collaborating on with Jeremy Whitley (36:30), before he and Keith reminisce about working on SIUniverse-related projects (40:20) and the secret origins of Super Art Fight (45:30). Finally, they explain why Chinese sausage and Panda Express is the best (52:30).

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Southern Fried Asian is produced by Keith Chow and Jes Vu.

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