A Conversation with Elite Geek Marc Bernardin on ‘The Plague Nerdalogues’ and More

This past week, I sat down with the co-host of Fatman Beyond to talk comics, quarantine, and Snyder cuts. Marc Bernardin has been one of pop culture and comic book’s most necessary voices in the industry, with writing credits from Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Treadstone, and Castle Rock. Marc’s work has also spanned outlets like GQ, Wired, and Vulture.

His most recent project, The Plague Nerdalogues, is as straightforward and impactful as you’d imagine: “Your favorite genre actors. Performing the greatest speeches from genre films and TV. All to benefit Black Lives Matter.” The project came at the height of the pandemic and has since grown in popularity and reach.

I caught up with Marc to get his thoughts on the year as a whole, as well as the necessary comic book goings on. You can catch the conversation in full below.