Southern Fried Asian: H’Abigail Mlo

Just in time for the holidays, here’s the final Southern Fried Asian of season five to close out 2020! Joining the podcast is H’Abigail Mlo, a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina and one of the founders of Voices of the Highlands, a digital storytelling project featuring Montagnard/Montagnard-American voices on identity, culture, and everyday life.

H’Abigail describes what it’s like to graduate college during a pandemic (1:00) before describing the origins of the Voices of the Highlands project (4:00). They then discuss political organizing around the election and counting the Montagnard community in the Census (8:45) and dig in to the history of the Montagnard diaspora in Greensboro, NC (12:00), including the phenomenon of conservatism among many Southeast Asian communities (17:30).  They turn the discussion back to Voices of the Highlands and the work of centering Montagnard voices in AAPI spaces (22:30). Finally, H’Abigail talks about reclaiming and redefining a Southern identity (32:00) and shares a food memory of her grandmother’s eggplant curry (36:30)

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Southern Fried Asian is produced by Keith Chow and Jes Vu.