Two New Batman and Superman Animated Series Coming to HBO Max

HBO Max and Cartoon Network just announced they are bringing their two most iconic superheroes back to the world of animation. Both Batman: Caped Crusader and My Adventures with Superman are sure to bring in a new generation of fans into the worlds of Gotham and Metropolis, while simultaneously giving long-time fans the kind of nuanced and action-packed stories they crave.

First, Batman: Caped Crusader brings Bruce Timm back into the universe he created nearly 30 years ago with Batman: The Animated Series. This time, Timm is teaming up with blockbuster filmmakers J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves to bring Caped Crusader to life.

“We are beyond excited to be working together to bring this character back, to tell engrossing new stories in Gotham City,” the three said in a joint statement. “The series will be thrilling, cinematic, and evocative of Batman’s noir roots, while diving deeper into the psychology of these iconic characters. We cannot wait to share this new world.”

Not to be outdone, the Man of Steel will also be making a return to animation with My Adventures with Superman. This series will focus on the trio of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen as they begin to discover who they are and everything they can accomplish together as an investigative reporting team at the Daily Planet.

So far only voice actors for Clark and Lois have been announced, with Jack Quaid and Alice Lee introducing a new generation to witty Clois banter — but the series looks to not only re-imagine the Daily Planet crew as twenty-somethings, but through character design and voice talent, we will be getting an Asian American Lois Lane and a Black Jimmy Olsen (here’s hoping they treat Jimmy better here than they did on Supergirl!)

“It’s been a great partnership working with Cartoon Network and HBO Max to bring more DC Super Heroes to the platform in new and creatively interesting ways” said Sam Register, President of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios. “This is the first animated Superman series in many years and we want to tell our Superman story through the trio of Clark, Lois, and Jimmy — whose relationship dynamic will allow for rich, serialized, and engaging stories as we explore their lives as individuals and their journey together as friends.”

Both series got greenlights for multiple seasons, but no start date has been announced yet.

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