‘Grown-ish’ Returns for Senior Year This Thursday

It’s senior year for the Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) at Cal U.

Freeform’s Grown-ish finally returns this Thursday! After taking some time off school to focus on being a stylist, Zoey is back to finish her final year with her friends and finally graduate. With Aaron and Zoey finally together after three years of “will they, won’t they,” the couple are trying to make it work.

Grown-ish Key Art by Alexis Eke

The season’s key art is by Alexis Eke, an illustrator and designer based in Toronto. Inspired by Renaissance portraits and traditional Japanese art, she illustrates Black women in a contemporary light. Her technique combines portrait images with digital painting and. describes her art as a “mix between Afrofuturism and contemporary Renaissance.” Eke’s been commissioned by some respected brands like Nike, Adidas, Bloomberg, Refienry29, Bon Appetit, and pieces specific to the Civil Rights Organization, International Women’s Day, and Black History Month.

Based on the trailer, we see Zoey getting into all kinds of trouble, including possible jail time. The series will also touch on the Black Lives Matter movement as well as life after COVID. All of your favorites will be tested — either their careers, relationships, family, or just dealing with growing up.

Check out the trailer below and check out Grown-ish this Thursday on Freeform.

Official Synopsis:

It’s senior year and the finish line is in sight. Zoey Johnson returns to Cal U from her adventures on the road as a professional stylist. She and Aaron are finally in sync, romantically. But for the rest of the crew — just as it’s all coming together, it’s all coming apart at the seams. Friendships are tested, relationships get rocky and the stakes are higher than ever. Will Zoey find her flow and make it to graduation or will she get thrown off course?