The VO Actors of Global Majority You Need to Know: Robb Moreira

Over the past three years, I’ve encountered some truly remarkable voiceover actors from the PGM (People Of Global Majority) community, so remarkable that I thought it would be a worthwhile endeavor to dedicate an article about themselves, their accomplishments, and where you can find them and do so every week. When will this end? Most likely never so as I cackle at the infinite posts this may generate, I am so very happy to tell you all that my spotlight for this week is on Robb Moreira! (Banner design once again done by the incredible VO artist/graphic designer Belsheber Rusape Jr.)

Robb Moreira is a Bilingual Dominican/Argentinian voice actor who began his acting training at the age of 12. Through his natural ability in Improv, he continued his training through conservatory programs at the LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts and continuing at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC.

Bronk Stone from Yu-Gi-Oh!

His love for theater continued through his 20’s working on several Off-Broadway shows and continuing to take acting and improv workshops. While his love for the work and art was there, his sustainability to be a working actor was not. After several years working the NY theater scene, a chance conversation with a fellow actor about voice over, planted a bug in him that changed his life forever.

Yukimaru from Fena: Pirate Princess

Through hard work and determination, Robb has built a business for himself as a commercial talent in both the English and Spanish markets. Voicing work for companies like Armani, Norton, McDonald’s, and AT&T among several hundreds of other clients, his reputation eventually broke him into the animation and video game realm.

Oleana Subordinate from Pokemon Journeys

Robb has had the pleasure of bringing characters to life in two Earth Defense Force games as well as voice matching for Bronk Stone in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links. These credits put him on the radar and helped him get a foothold in the anime arena where Robb was able to bring to life two roles he holds dear in his heart. Sakunosuke Oda in Bungou and Alchemist: Gears of Judgment as well as the much beloved Yukimaru in the Adult Swim and Crunchy Roll original, Fena: Pirate Princess.

For more adventures, you can follow Rob on his Twitter account at @RobbMoreiraVO. Throughout the week, I will be highlighting Ryan’s accomplishments and tidbits of his very busy voiceover career so be sure to follow us on The Nerds Of Color Twitter account as I do so!

This is an ongoing weekly series highlighting the many working diverse voiceover artists of global majority that you most likely have heard in your video games, audiobooks, anime/live action dubbings, animated TV shows & films, and more. A vast majority are part of the PGM VO List, an open resource database that contains over 1.5k+ PGM voiceover artists.