New ‘Amazing Spider-Man Beyond’ Trailer Introduces a Familiar Comic Face

Spider-Man has had some truly iconic moments in his comic book history. From Peter Parker’s initial debut as the wall-crawling webhead in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962, to the introduction of the vast Spider-Verse in 2014. Arguably one of his most controversial moments was during the “Clone Saga.”

This touchy subject among fans featured a complicated story involving the supposed return of Peter’s deceased sweetheart Gwen Stacy, a new villain called The Jackal, and a whole lot of messy clone confusion. One pretty interesting thing did come out of the Clone Saga and its bizarre storyline however; the introduction of Peter Parker’s clone, Ben Reilly.

Though still a controversial addition to the Spider-Man mythos, Reilly has amassed quite the cult following since his initial incarnation. A perfect clone of Parker, Reilly possesses every power that Spider-Man has, right down to the web-swinging. Throughout his history, Reilly go from villain to anti-hero to bona fide good guy, though he would also suffer the worst luck out of any of his super-powered peers. Ben Reilly has died and been resurrected more times than anyone could count. While he’s been back among the living for a while now, Ben’s status as the Scarlet Spider has been pretty low profile. That is, until now.

Ben Reilly finally returns to the spotlight in “Amazing Spider-Man Beyond,” and event created by Saladin AhmedCody ZiglarPatrick GleasonZeb Wells, and Kelly Thompson within the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #75. The trailer, which features never-before-seen artwork, promises a story full of new enemies, familiar faces, and a battle that will test the limitations of both Parker and Reilly. You can watch the trailer below, and make sure to look out for Amazing Spider-Man #75 when it comes out October 6.