The Middle Geeks 30: ‘AlRawabi School for Girls’ Makes ‘Mean Girls’ Look Like Cotton Candy

Created by Jordanian creator Tima Shomali, AlRawabi School for Girls is a devastatingly excellent series on Netflix exploring the dynamics of a Jordanian high school. What causes these girls to escalate their psychological wars on each other? How does this series do at exploring some of the systemic patriarchal problems in Middle Eastern societies? We discuss all of that and why we love this series.

We also have the VERY exciting news that Abubakr Ali will be playing the titular role in Netflix’s Grendel, thus the FIRST Arab Muslim to headline a comic adaptation in TV/Film!!! Mabrouk Abubakr!!! We also discuss the new release of the excellent graphic novel Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin by Nadia Shammas and Nabi H. Ali, and some rumors on some changes for Kamala Khan in the MCU Ms. Marvel series coming out in February. Enjoy!

Spoiler discussion for AlRawabi School for Girls from 37:43-1:10:01

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