The Middle Geeks Episode 32: The Promise of ‘Star Wars: Visions’

We’re excited to have Meg Humphrey of Rogue Podron on to discuss Star Wars: Visions, the new anime anthology on Disney+ that breathes fresh life into this franchise with Japanese creators, crafting stories in a universe that was *heavily* inspired by their own culture.

Why is it so important for the Star Wars franchise to have this, and why is it crucial that it continues to do so with other Japanese and API creators? How did Star Wars appropriate, and continue to appropriate, cultural elements from East Asian and MENA cultures, and play into Orientalism? How does Visions stand as an example of why this franchise should incorporate Japanese creators in this universe? We also discuss the exciting news that our fave Tala Ashe is going to be starring in Iranian American Sanaz Toossi’s play English in New York, give our recommendations, and much more!

We are a proud member of the Hard NOC podcast family.

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