Michael Keaton Returns as Batman in ‘Batgirl’

Looks like the DC Cinematic Multiverse will be in full effect in 2022. With The Flash ready to reintroduce Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne to moviegoing audiences, it was announced today that Keaton will also be appearing in Leslie Grace’s Batgirl film as well.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. has declined to comment on Keaton’s casting, but the news is all but confirmed, having been shared by all the Hollywood trades, and even longtime Batman film producer Michael Uslan sharing the news on social media.

While no release date has been set for Batgirl — which is still slated to be an HBO Max Original — The Flash isn’t due until November 2022. It stands to reason that Batgirl would have to come out after since Flash is what is bringing Keaton into the DCEU.

Batgirl is assumed to be in the DCEU since J.K. Simmons is also reprising his Justice League role as Commissioner Gordon. Or perhaps, Batgirl exists in a sort of amalgam of universes? Guess we’ll learn more soon enough!