HBO Max Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of ‘The Wire’

Fresh on the heels of the finale of We Own This City, HBO is commemorating David Simon’s original and uncompromising look into corruption and policing in Baltimore, The Wire, two decades after it transformed the television landscape forever.

To commemorate the legacy of the groundbreaking series, The Wire: 20th Anniversary Spotlight page is now live on HBO Max. On top of essential episodes that allow fans to jump right back into their favorites from the series, the spotlight page features cast playlists with key episodes for characters like Omar Little and Jimmy McNulty, as well as curations featuring other programs from the creators of The Wire, including: 

  • The Essential Episodes
  • The Wire Fans Also Watch 
  • Character Spotlight
  • The Wire Alumni Throughout the Years
  • More From David Simon
  • Crime and Corruption
  • 2000s Nostalgia 

In addition to the spotlight page, HBO Max is celebrating the 20th anniversary with an exciting new podcast. Hosted by musician and actor Method Man, The Wire at 20 podcast will look back at the show that proved a launching pad for its stars, and unpack its complex themes, powerful storyline, and celebrate its ongoing legacy.

The podcast features interviews with actors, key players in the show, and more.