Nicky is Out of Jail in an Exclusive Clip from Tonight’s ‘Kung Fu’

After the events of last week’s Kung Fu, Nicky Shen (Olivia Liang) is arrested for a number of reasons against Delta Securities. She has decided to take responsibility for her actions. Now with Henry in charge of the Shooby gang, Nicky can focus on finding herself again — especially since she has more time in the slammer. Fortunately, Nicky doesn’t have to stay there too long as her bail has been set and she’s free to go, but under certain conditions.

In an exclusive clip provided by The CW, Nicky finally has some clarity on what she needs to do — stop Delta Securities and find Xiao (Vanessa Kai) before it’s too late. Evan (Gavin Stenhouse) and Nadia (Marissa Cuevas) visit Nicky to tell her the good news — she’s free — BUT must be under house arrest.

Now that Nicky cannot go on her adventures, someone has to find out more about Delta Securities. Althea (Shannon Dang) volunteers to go undercover at a Delta Securities Shareholders/Investors Retreat. Nicky must now work on the sidelines guiding Althea on this mission. Will Nicky be okay with this new role?

Kung Fu airs every Wednesday on The CW.