Aliza Vellani on the Impact of ‘Sweet Tooth’

We interview Aliza Vellani on her role as Rani Singh in Netflix and Warner Bros.’ Sweet Tooth, based on the graphic novel series from DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint, returning for Season 2 on April 27!

Slight setup spoilers for Sweet Tooth Season 2 follow

The world of Sweet Tooth is both harrowing and heartfelt, as we see a pandemic, called simply “The Sick,” ravage the world. At the same time as The Sick, all new children born are human-animal hybrids, like our titular deer hybrid Gus (Christian Convery), aka “Sweet Tooth.” In the midst of this tragic chaos, (former) Dr. Aditya Singh (Adeel Akthar) does everything, even conducting inhumane experiments on these hybrids, to finally find a cure for The Sick, especially his dear wife Rani (Aliza Vellani). But Rani and Aditya find themselves in even more dire circumstances as the villainous General Abbott (Neil Sandilands) captures them, forces Aditya to perform even crueler experiments on the hybrids, and imprisons and isolates Rani.

In anticipation of Season 2’s release this week, we were able to speak with Aliza Vellani. We spoke on what viewers can expect from Rani and Aditya’s story, how she approached taking on such a morally complex and sympathetic character, what our real pandemic-affected world can learn from the world of Sweet Tooth, and how, as a Desi Muslim creator and actress, she sees the landscape media changing for people like her.

You can stream Season 2 of Sweet Tooth on Netflix April 27.