Checking out ‘Star Wars Rivals’ at a Night of Rivals, Rebels, and Revelries

If there’s a single name in the world of collectibles today that fills every fan with anticipation, it’s Funko. Featuring a wide array of Loungefly bags and, of course, Pops, the announcement of new projects from the venerable toy company always peaks interest among its millions of fans worldwide.

And recently, Funko has unveiled a line of games that will get Lucasfilm fans of every age excited for future hours of fun. The first set we got to experience was their Indiana Jones line. And now, we were given the opportunity to check out their latest Star Wars themed game, Star Wars Rivals.

Last night at the Scum and Villany Cantina in Hollywood Funko Games showcased their latest creation: a new tabletop/card game called Star Wars Rivals. And we had a front row seat to try out the experience first hand!

The premise of the fast-paced game takes the traditional Light Side vs Dark Side narrative and allows players to choose a side and take control of iconic settings from the Star Wars universe. As part of the Light Side, users will be able to play with figures of Obi-Wan, Leia, Luke, Ahsoka, C-3PO, and others. While the Dark Side will allow players to battle with Darth Vader, Snoke, Phasma, and Boba Fett. But your characters will only take you so far, as 80% of the game will require a player to use savvy strategic maneuvers to one-up their opponents each round.

The game is a lot of fun, and the more you play the faster each round goes. And it ultimately gets pretty addicting the more you play as well.

Here’s a gallery showcasing some of the fun photos we took of last night’s event:

For full details about how to play Star Wars Rivals, or to buy a set yourself from Walmart, go here!

Star Wars Rivals is now available to bring home for $19.99!

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