‘Captain America 4’ Announces New Title with Behind the Scenes Photo

May 2024 is on your left and coming fast, folks! And with it, soaring on top in his new position as Captain America is Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson. Last time we saw Sam, he was rightfully earning back the shield (after giving it up to a museum six months after saying he’d do his best). And now the partner has become the master as he heads into theaters with the latest installment in the Captain America series, now titled Captain America: Brave New World!

The exciting announcement was made today courtesy of Marvel Studios’ socials. And with it came an exciting new look at Mackie, fully suited up with a new costume and the iconic shield. But he’s not alone! We get a glimpse of good ole Thunderbolt Ross, played by another icon, Mr. Harrison Ford himself! Take a look right here:

I have to say, as iconic as the white and blue suit from The Falcon Captain America and the Winter Soldier was, given its comic accuracy, I think the new blue suit looks way better on Mackie. And serves as a nice tribute to Steve’s legendary suits.

Here’s hoping the film lives up to the legacy the way Sam does.

Captain America: Brave New World hits theaters May 3, 2024!

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