New ‘Ahsoka’ Trailer: Once a Rebel, Always a Rebel

The Rebels are back! The Rebels ARE BACK! Oh it feels so good to say that!

This morning, Disney and Lucasfilm dropped a new trailer for Ahsoka. And if you were a huge fan of Star Wars: Rebels, there is simply just too much awesome in it for you to keep your chill! I can’t say more about it unless you watch it!

Check it out here:

Ahsoka may be the latest installment in the Mando-verse part of the Star Wars franchise, but it’s part of the greater whole of the continuing story of the Ghost crew from Star Wars: Rebels. We finally get our first glimpses of what Sabine Wren, Chopper, and Hera Syndulla have been up to since the fall of the Empire. And we will finally get answers about what happened to Ezra Bridger and Thrawn too!

It’s genuinely a fantastic day to be a Rebels fan!

In addition to the trailer, a new poster has also dropped which you can see here:

Ahsoka hits Disney+ with a two-episode premiere on August 23!