NOC Review: With ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch,’ Filoni Triumphs Again

May the Fourth be with you!

Today, we commemorate a franchise that is loved unconditionally. From the biggest disasters (Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Rise of Skywalker) to the biggest wins (Empire Strikes Back, Rogue One, The Mandalorian), Star Wars has been the one franchise whose highest highs make it simply impossible for us to quit. The Original Trilogy is, and always will be, regarded as one of the greatest film sagas of all time. The prequel trilogy and the sequel trilogy, however…?

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Getting to Know ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’

Get hyped (Or Hype-erdrive-ed?… nope, that’s nothing. Sorry.) because tomorrow is May the Fourth, nerds! And that means, Star Wars! Nothing but Star Wars! Coming your way! To celebrate, The Nerds of Color had the opportunity to attend a press event for the brand new installment in the beloved “Filoniverse,” Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Present at the event were Star Wars voice legend, Dee Bradley Baker (who voices the entire Bad Batch: Hunter, Crosshair, Wrecker, Echo, and Tech), producer and Head Writer of the series, Jennifer Corbett, and producer Brad Rau.

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Hard NOC Life: The Lin-Mando Takeover of Disney+

On Hard NOC Life, Dominic and Keith welcome Lauren Lola — who took a moment out of her busy CAAMFest schedule — to talk about Hamilton and Mandalorian season 2 coming to Disney+.

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Action, Depth, and Poetry Mark the End of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’

Warning: The following contains spoilers from the recent and final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Twelve years following its premiere to initially hesitant audiences, the now beloved Star Wars animated series, The Clone Wars, has at last received the proper ending it deserved. Set after Attack of the Clones and concluding sometime after Revenge of the Sith, the brainchild of Star Wars creator George Lucas and supervising director Dave Filoni explored stories of a wide variety of characters — both familiar and new faces — during the war that was previously more of a backdrop to the fall of Anakin Skywalker.

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Baby Yoda is Going to be the Star of Toy Fair

Ever since The Child made its debut on Disney+ in November, fans have been clamoring for ways to get their hands on some Baby Yoda merch. Well, the wait is finally over. Disney will be unveiling its 2020 roster of Star Wars-branded action figures, plush toys, board games, and more at Toy Fair in New York this weekend. And even though the Skywalker Saga is no more, the Force will be strong with merch based on shows like The Mandalorian and Clone Wars.

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NOC Goes to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: Tips and Tricks for Your Visit (Part I)

August 15, 2015. That was the date that Disney announced at their biennial D23 Expo that it was going to fulfill the fantasies of every Star Wars fan in the world. They were going to bring the universe George Lucas had created to life, and give us all the opportunity to become a part of the world of Luke, Han, Chewie, and Leia, and allow us to finally live our adventure too. At the time the implications and details behind all of that were top secret, and for years speculation among fans became rampant. What would the rides be like? Could we drink Blue Milk? Would there be a Cantina? Can you become a Jedi? And most importantly can we fly the Millennium Falcon?

Finally on May 31, 2019, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge finally opened and answered all those questions. And The Nerds of Color were fortunate enough to have had a chance to visit the planet of Batuu twice. So after two trips, a couple of glasses of blue and green milk, and four trips on the Falcon, we would love to humbly be your guides, as we walk you, our loyal readers through the highlights, sights, tastes, experiences, and tips we have to share to prepare you for your trip to a galaxy far, far away!

The land is so massive, that we will need two, count ’em two, articles to cover everything. This first part will cover intros to the land and linguistics while there, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, Blue and Green Milk, Oga’s Cantina, and Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

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