Action Figure Fans Can Collect Themselves with Hasbro Selfie Series

Hasbro just announced an awesome new way to collect action figures called Hasbro Selfie Series! Launching exclusively on the Hasbro Pulse Mobile App this fall, the custom offering allows fans to create a collector-grade 6-inch action figure in their likeness based on fan-favorite character costume designs from G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, Marvel, and Star Wars.

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‘AAPI Toy Heroes’ with Kuya P

Shelf Conscious is back! This time, Keith is joined by fellow NOC and creator of The NRW, Kuya P a.k.a Patrick Michael Strange, as he launches his own action figure podcast called AAPI Toy Heroes.

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‘Action Figure Show & Tell’ with Dan Wu

On the latest episode of Shelf Conscious, Keith is once again joined by multi-hyphenate extraordinaire (activist, restaurateur, podcaster, celebrity chef, and candidate for Lexington, KY council at large), Dan Wu!

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‘Art of the Toy Hunt’ with Art G

Celebrate the Holidays with Shelf Conscious! In this brand new episode, Keith is joined by YouTuber and diorama artist, Art G!

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‘Merchandise Spotlight’ with Griffin Newman

Shelf Conscious returns just in time for the second half of Masters of the Universe: Revelation on Netflix! This time, Keith is joined by Orko himself, Griffin Newman!

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Hard NOC Life 226: Why are Critics Dunking on ‘Space Jam’

Keith, Britney, and Dominic welcome back Jamal to figure out why everyone else is hating on LeBron James’ Space Jam reboot — a film the whole crew loved. Jamal is also here to plug our Twitch channel and Gaming Newsletter so be sure to subscribe to both! Later, Keith, Dom, and Britney break down the Loki finale and what it all means for the future of the MCU.

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Hard NOC Life 225: ‘Black Widow’ Brings the MCU Back to Theaters

Keith returns to Hard NOC Life just in time to review the MCU’s return to the multiplex with Britney and Dominic. In addition to discussing what Black Widow’s box office dominance portends for the future, the crew also takes stock of the penultimate episode of Loki on Disney+.

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‘The Real Black Series’ with Deeez Action Figures

This week on Shelf Conscious, Keith welcomes action figure photographer and collector, Greg from the Instagram account Deeez Action Figures!

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‘Schrödinger’s Tigerzord’ with William Bruce West

On the inaugural episode of Shelf Conscious, Keith welcomes fellow collector — and OG NOCWilliam Bruce West!

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Hard NOC Life 218: The Animated Series

Dominic, Britney, and Keith break down all of the recently announced animated series, including a slate of DC series on HBO Max and a trio of Asian American-led series on Netflix. They also discuss Kevin Feige’s revelation that whitewashing is bad, and Dominic speaks with author Claire Light about her upcoming book, Monkey Around, and the pop culture relevance of the Monkey King.

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AAPI Women are Awesome Action Figures

Originally published at NBC Asian America

I am an avid toy collector, and every few years I like to take stock of the number of action figures that feature Asian American and Pacific Islander characters. When I started doing this in 2009, it was difficult coming up with enough figures to fill out a Top Five list. Fortunately, it has become much easier to populate these lists since AAPI visibility in pop culture has dramatically increased in the intervening years. In fact, I actually had a difficult time winnowing down this year’s list since there are so many AAPI action figures from which to choose! Moreover, nearly every slot on the list is populated by female characters, which hopefully puts to rest the fallacy that girls don’t buy action figures.

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We’re Giving Away Captain America & Wolverine Toys

Last week, we crossed 1,000 “likes” on Facebook and 1,000 followers on Twitter. I mentioned that to thank you all for upping our numbers on both social media platforms, we would be giving away some toys. So, that’s what we’re going to do!

I mention in that tweet that we’ll be giving away Wolverine Mini-Mates, and we are, but since it’s Cap Week, I’m going to throw in a Marvel Legends Infinite Series Captain America figure too.  Click through to find our how to win the toys.

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