NOC Interview: Cameron Monaghan on All Things ‘Shameless’

Cameron Monaghan brought the character of Ian Gallagher to life on Showtime’s hit series, Shameless. The series aired for a total of 11 seasons after originally premiering in 2011. It ranked as the network’s no. 1 comedy, longest-running series, and had the youngest-skewing audience of any Showtime series. Monaghan also joined two legendary universes with roles in both Gotham and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which I got to ask him about too!

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NOC Interview: Tala Ashe of ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’

Since debuting in Season 3 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Zari Tarazi (Tala Ashe) has become a beloved fixture in the CW’s zaniest (but still very heartfelt) Arrowverse show. Besides the importance of her being the first major Muslim and Iranian-American superhero on network tv, she’s one of the most dynamic and compelling members of the Legends. Things have changed tremendously for Zari over the past few years, as her relationships with her teammates develops and changes and her brother Behrad (Shayan Sobhian) has become a member of the Legends. Now, in Episode 3 of Season 6, she’s faced with more personal challenges as it’s up to her to save the day in a reality tv show competition. We at the Nerds of Color had the opportunity to interview Tala Ashe about Zari’s story this episode, and where her journey in Season 6 will be going.

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Gavin Stenhouse Just May Surprise You on ‘Kung Fu’

Kung Fu’s Gavin Stenhouse knows he’s pretty privileged. 

As the only non-BIPOC person in the predominantly Asian cast on The CW’s Kung Fu, Stenhouse understands the responsibility of being part of this monumental drama — the first Asian American-centered drama on primetime television. Stenhouse has been using his platform to lift up his costars and the writers of the series instead of putting his own input when it comes to the cultural nuances of the Chinese American experience.

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It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the Beloved Jackson Avery on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Jesse Williams is making his exit from ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy after joining the popular medical drama back in season 6. Jackson makes the decision to move to Boston in 17×14, “Look Up Child,” and we are told by the promo for 17×15 that “Tradition” will serve as his farewell episode and air on Thursday, May 20 (9:00 – 10:01 PM EDT).

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Let’s Talk About Some of Japril’s Most Meaningful and Important Moments

In honor of April Kepner’s return and Japril’s reunion, we’re gonna take a look back at their beautiful love story and some of the moments that made them one of the most beloved ships on Grey’s Anatomy still years after Sarah Drew’s departure from the show. The pair joined the series together back in season 6 before Drew made her exit in season 14. What Drew and Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) created on-screen with their characters was beautiful and will forever be a part of the show’s legacy.

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‘The Kissing Booth 3’ Officially Has a Release Date

Start counting down the days because The Kissing Booth 3 is coming to Netflix on August 11! The romantic comedy follows the first two The Kissing Booth films and stars Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Joel Courtney, and Meganne Young.

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Shannon Dang Loves Being the Big Sister on ‘Kung Fu’

Today is the last day of shooting on the first season of The CW’s Kung Fu and the cast has been sharing their thoughts on social media. Shannon Dang, who plays Althea Shen, the eldest daughter of the Shen family, shared the following tweet:

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A Talk With Real Life Hero Nicole Maines, aka Dreamer on ‘Supergirl’

The strength of a hero is not just defined by their powers. Who they are, outside of those uncomfortable looking tights, is just as important. A hero with a strong sense of character has the ability to do what’s right, and turn their long and difficult journey into a message of hope for everyone who sees them. With that being the case, Nicole Maines is just as much a superhero offscreen as she is on.

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On ‘Kung Fu,’ Yvonne Chapman is Making Evil Look Good

When Yvonne Chapman first received the call that she was cast in the reboot of The CW’s Kung Fu, she was over the moon and immediately called her husband and friends. It all happened so quickly for the Calgary native. When Chapman first auditioned for the role of the villainous Zhilan — an ageless Guardian who is determined to collect all the mythical swords that, if in the wrong hands, could destroy the world — she immediately fell in love with the character. 

“The entire time I was like ‘oh man, I really hope I get this,’” Chapman revealed on the phone with The Nerds of Color last week. “I remembered in that time with my friends and my husband that I [had a] feel in my gut. I just felt like it was really right for me. It was just hoping that other people felt the same.”

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Get a First Look at April and Jackson’s Reunion on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Sarah Drew is making her big return to Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, May 6 at 9/8c and ABC has released the official synopsis and some photos of April’s reunion with Jackson (Jesse Williams). The episode is titled, “Look Up Child” and will be episode 17×14. You can read more about her return here.

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‘My Love’ Filmmaker Jin Moyoung Hopes to Inspire Change Through Love

Netflix recently released a six-episode documentary series all about romantic love called My Love: Six Stories of True Love. The series follows six couples from Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, Spain, and the U.S. for over a course of a year, pre-pandemic. A local director in that country follows each couple, who have been together from anywhere from 40 to 60 years, on their daily routines and showcases the sparks that still light their relationships. It’s not an easy task to put all of these stories together. That’s where executive producer Jin Moyoung comes in.

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‘Kung Fu’ Star Eddie Liu is Here to Entertain You

Eddie Liu is a certified heartthrob.

We all knew this when we first saw Liu’s portrayal of Steve, the hunky jock and ex-boyfriend of Kamala in Netflix’s hit series Never Have I Ever. Liu ended up being a fan favorite and praised on social media, but his character was ultimately dumped by Kamala at the end of the first season. But Liu wants you to know that there is more to him than his dashing good looks and amazing physique. He’s also pretty charming and a known goof among his castmates. Fortunately, we get to see more of Liu’s charming good looks and boy-next-door personality in the new CW martial arts series, Kung Fu

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Veronica Lodge on The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ Deserves Better

Everyone has that one character they relate to or see themselves in; everyone searches to find someone who looks like them on screen. For me, that character is Veronica Lodge on The CW’s Riverdale, which is based on the Archie Comics characters. Despite the fact that she has had one of the most important evolutions on the show and has been there since the pilot, she is often overlooked and over hated, for no real reason besides Archie continuing to choose her.

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‘Killing Eve’ and the Centering of Whiteness

There is no doubt that representation in media has grown significantly in the past couple years if not the past year alone. We had Black Panther in early 2018 where almost everyone was a person of color (I’m comfortable saying 90% including extras) and Crazy Rich Asians coming out in August 2018. Though we have yet to see how many people of color are in Crazy Rich Asians, I can assume it will be significant judging by the trailer.

While I am excited about this shift in movies, I am a TV girl. Thankfully we are also seeing growth in television with shows like Black Lightning and One Day at a Time. We’re slowly creating a collection of shows that will allow us to choose more carefully what we consume instead of being stuck with the same shows representing for everybody (not sure how many times I’ve watched Merlin).

So when I saw the previews for Killing Eve, I thought heck yeah. An Asian lead, majority female cast, a black female character, everything was there to make this a show with good representation. And then we met Eve’s husband who is white. And her former boss BIll (who’s married to an Asian woman) is white. And the love interest for Elena is a white man. And Villanelle’s handler is white. That’s when I realized that every significant man in the show was white and the only men of color we’ve met so far were basically perverts and both of them were Chinese. One of the men was into BDSM (which does not make one a pervert but is often shown in that light) and the other wouldn’t take Eve’s No for what it was and instead demanded she go on a date with him if she wanted to learn any information.

Warning: Spoilers up to Episode 4

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Three Reasons Why I’m Giving ‘Into the Badlands’ Another Shot

Originally posted at Just Add Color

The last time I wrote about Into the Badlands on this site, I was… distressed. Veil died in the Season 2 finale, after being tortured for basically the entire season.

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Fans Sound Off on Into the Badlands Couple Sunny and Veil

Originally posted at Just Add Color

Into the Badlands is coming into its second season March 19, and even though we’re psyched about the level of action and and suspense, we’re also focused on the family aspect of the show, which is worrying about how Sunny’s going to get back to his family, Veil and their newborn baby.

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Three Reasons Why #Richonne is a Black History Month Gift

Originally posted at COLOR

Hip hop hooray, Richonne (Rick and Michonne) is now officially canon in The Walking Dead! And, as luck would have it, such a development has happened in one of the most hallowed of months, Black History Month.

This didn’t go unnoticed by many on Twitter:

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