Three Reasons Why #Richonne is a Black History Month Gift

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Hip hop hooray, Richonne (Rick and Michonne) is now officially canon in The Walking Dead! And, as luck would have it, such a development has happened in one of the most hallowed of months, Black History Month.

This didn’t go unnoticed by many on Twitter:

So why is this the Black History Month gift we didn’t know we were going to get? Three reasons:

1. Finally, the truth is acknowledged

Richonne has been a long time coming. Probably too long, according to some fans. The purpose was for the slow build, but with that slow build came dull love interests for Rick. Finally, Rick has figured out that he needs to be with Michonne, someone who is at his caliber of zombie-killing as well as a viable, intelligent leader.

2. Richonne made racists mad

Now, let’s just say for the record that #notallRichonnehaters are racists. Some just genuinely don’t like it, and that’s cool. However, some don’t like Richonne (or The Flash’s WestAllen or Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabbie) purely for the reason that it’s a white man with a black woman.

I’ve written before about the multiple viewpoints surrounding black woman/white man interracial relationships on television (and an article outlining more viewpoints around interracial fetishism is in this month’s issue of COLORBLOCK Magazine). But overall, a relationship like Richonne is progress. For example, Richonne shows that:

  • The Walking Dead reflects its audience. Sure, the show still has a problem with killing off black guys. But at the very least, the inclusion of Rick and Michonne’s relationship (along with Glenn and Maggie) represents a large quantity of the audience (and America in general) who are in interracial relationships. They want to see themselves represented on screen, and what better power couple is there than Richonne?
  • Michonne is treated as any other woman on The Walking Dead. That is to say, she’s treated like a love interest. More detail on this later in the post.
  • Most audience members want to see diversity in all forms, including in their love stories. For the longest, The Walking Dead‘s only interracial love story has been Glenn and Maggie. For them to be the only ones out of all of the characters that have been on The Walking Dead (well, the only ones that are still alive, anyways) is quite astounding and, demographically speaking, doesn’t make sense. Richonne adds some much-needed diverse realism to the proceedings.

But, despite all of the positives that Richonne have going for it, there are some folks in the fandom who are pissed because Michonne is a black woman. There’s still a color barrier when it comes to relationships on television, and that color barrier seems to get even tougher in genre television. But Richonne has helped break that barrier, and those who are mad about it for the wrong reasons can fall back.

3. Black women are shown to be viable love interests for the white male lead

Danai Gurira as Michonne and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Black women have had a history of either being desexualized or hypersexualized, and both depictions act as reasons why they aren’t seen as viable love interests for the main character, especially if that main character is a white man. For example:

  • Julia Baker from the 1970s show Julia is an example I use a lot for everything, but the character is perplexing in how chaste she is. First, it’s written that her husband was killed in the Vietnam War; writing out the husband and portraying a black family without a two-parent household is an issue in itself, but Julia herself is portrayed as being the perfect black woman, a woman who is “clear” enough in attitude and personality that she can be accepted by her white neighbors, but in order to stay outwardly virtuous, she must remain unwed.
    Diahann Carroll as Julia

    She’s a symbol of black respectability rather than just being a multifaceted black woman. Diahann Carroll herself, who played Julia, called her character a “white Negro” with little to do with the black experience.

  • Grantchester featured a troubling storyline in one of its episodes. The episode featured an American jazz group that was touring England, and the jazz singer, Gloria Dee, falls in love with Sidney and sleeps with him. However, the next day, Sidney comes to regret the decision, since he only slept with her to forget about the love he had for his best friend, Amanda, who was marrying a rich jerk. Gloria’s heartbreak is touched upon, but it’s also portrayed as if heartbreak for her is par for the course. She was also depicted as being a stereotype of a black woman jazz singer; every line was hilariously cartoonish, her voice had a Mae West lilt, and her persona was that of the “bad girl.”Sidney’s disgust with himself for sleeping with Gloria gets so bad that he throws out his jazz records; while his character was throwing them out because it reminded him of his personal and moral transgressions (he’s not one to just sleep with anyone), the act could also be interpreted as him believing that jazz (a black medium) and the singer herself led him astray, not his own actions.
  • Michonne herself has been touted by some as a “strong black woman,” even though such a stereotype-laden description strips her of her roundedness as a character. There are pockets of people who feel that, in order for the show to have a feminist angle, Michonne should stay the silent warrior. But these demands aren’t placed on other women (usually white women), like Carol (who is just as deadly with weapons as Michonne) or Maggie (who is, as has been written earlier in this post, in a relationship).

The reason for this distaste and exoticism of black women has its roots in the slave trade. As Paula Byrne wrote in her book about the life of Dido Elizabeth Belle, Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice, many sailors and sea captains would rape African women and girls on the ship, later claiming that black females’ supposed hypersexuality made them do it (instead of taking responsibility for a lack of morality). The myth of hypersexuality continued throughout slavery, with white plantation owners blaming their victims for their own sexual abuse. Slave owners also helped with desexualization (and a slave’s further removal from personhood) by employing slaves as caretakers, which led to the “Mammy” stereotype.

Today, the remnants of both stereotypes make it hard for black women characters, and black actresses, to exist in a fully realized way. Either black characters are “tough” (desexualized), a “Mammy” or caretaker (“desexualized”) or they are a Jezebel (hypersexualized). Hardly ever have they been portrayed as human beings.

The feeling of bias towards black women in television, especially when it comes to black women characters possibly being the love interest for white male characters, also has antebellum roots. One of the many excuses for slavery was that it kept black men in line and kept their “prey,” white women, safe.

Black women were also seen as threats, but the threat was based on a black woman gaining the same rights and status as a white woman. White women during this time benefited from this white supremacist view by being uplifted as genteel prizes.

White supremacy is a dirty word today, but white women characters (and actresses, to a certain extent) are still lifted above other characters (and actresses) for no reason other than race. The fear of a black woman “stealing” a white man, especially the white male character, still holds true for some viewers of The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, The Flash, and other shows that have a black female lead who shows interest in the white male lead. Because of unresolved historical issues, which has led to us seeing mostly white men/white women pairings in the first place, a black woman character with a white male lead might seem to some as a black woman not knowing her station. If Michonne wasn’t who she is, there wouldn’t be any problem.

Sharon, a guest post writer for Black Girl Nerds, summed it up succinctly:

Here’s what it comes down to: if Michonne weren’t a dark-skinned black woman, many of the people who were so surprised by Richonne would have expected it a long time ago. Were it a white actress (the kind we’re used to seeing as love interests on TV and in movies) playing the role of Michonne, sharing intimate scenes with Rick, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. It wouldn’t have been a case of if Rick and Michonne get together, but when.”

The thought that white goes with white and black goes with black is dying, thanks to the rise of black-white interracial relationships. But television still shows that pockets of this ideology is still alive and well. There are still moments when the media decides to portray black women as objects or obstacles instead of people. But thankfully, Richonne isn’t one of those moments. Richonne does the opposite; it turns the trope of the “strong black woman” on its head. Not only can a black woman be strong and kickass, but she can also be nurturing (like how Michonne is to Carl) and a woman worthy of love. Basically, a black woman can be a human being.

As Rick himself, Andrew Lincoln, told TV Line:

“When we [shot it], we wanted it to have a feeling like these two great friends just looked at each other and realized, “Of course.” It was natural… and Michonne has been a mother figure and best friend to Carl for so long. And she saved Rick’s life and Carl’s life on countless occasions. There’s something rather moving about these two warriors getting together.”

So there you have it.

What do you think of Richonne? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

Monique Jones is the owner and editor of COLOR, a website that offers something to get through your television and film viewing; a guide to where the rest of the rainbow is. A singular place where you can find out more characters who look like you. In addition to COLOR, Monique has written for Entertainment Weekly, Antenna Free TV, Black Girl Nerds, Racialicious, and many other outlets. Follow her on twitter at @moniqueblognet.

30 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why #Richonne is a Black History Month Gift

  1. I’m still riding this Richonne high! Just…*slow clap* This article was so in depth – broke down the main reasons why (internally/socially) anyone would have a problem with these two finally being together 🙂 Now I’m just worried about Michonne dying later to build Rick’s struggle…Thank you for such a good read!

  2. Really? Rick FINALLY taking a romantic interest in Michonne during Black History month is somehow a gift? I don’t get why people see this as some sort of VALIDATION of Black femininity and womanhood, when white men have been having sex with Black women for centuries.

    It might have been on the sly or on the down low until it became legalized by the Loving decision in our U.S. Supreme Court, but I see no triumph in this.

    What would have been a real victory is if Rick had noticed Michonne BEFORE he went gaga over the late Jessie Anderson, whom Michonne clearly took a back seat to until Rick finally had his eureka moment in episode 10/”The Next World.”

    Better still, why can’t Black men and Black women have relationships WITH EACH OTHER in the zombie apocalypse on The Walking Dead (TWD), the TV show?

    Tyreese’s sister, Sasha Williams (Black) was briefly with Bob Stookey (Black) until he got bitten by a Walker and given mercy by her own brother, now she looks to become the love interest of the White ex-military guy, named Abraham after he hit on her during their road trip. Abe was going with Rosita, a “spicy Latina” who has no idea she’s about to get dumped.

    I am multi-racial with ancestry in the Asian (Chinese and Cherokee American Indian), African (Ethiopian) and Caucasian (English and Italian) racial and ethnic categories. I feel qualified to render an opinion.

    I do not favor the Rick-Michonne relationship because in my view, Michonne was second choice. After all, when Rick met Jessie Anderson, she was married with children and Rick ended up killing her husband, Pete. (How convenient.) Really, Rick? You had this perfectly good Black woman, who always had your six but you passed her up for some unavailable, married White chick, with kids?

    I find the episode, “The Next World” deficient in explaining Rick’s fickleness. Why, all of a sudden has he even noticed Michonne as a vibrant and attractive female and why an independent person (I mean she’s no shrinking violet) such as Michonne wouldn’t make her feelings known about Rick much sooner in the “game” is beyond me. She hinted bigtime. (The razor, the favors, the whatever….)

    More than anything, what I just posted is an indictment of the problems The Walking Dead has had with its writers room and probably why The Walking Dead is no longer appointment TV for me, although, I am curious to see how they will roll out Negan and how Abe and Sasha will proceed with their “relationship.”

    In the meantime, enjoy being last choice sista Michonne, and if I were you, I’d make Rick Grimes put a ring on it.

    What does skin colour have to do with it? Are you saying that if Michonne had been light-skinned Black woman, she’d have already won Rick’s romantic attentions? Wow. it’s 2016 and we are still playing skin colour politics in America.

    1. I am not a h8r, I just don’t need a TV show, whether it’s The Walking Dead or the Flash or Under the Dome to validate me as woman of color just because a Black female character ends up with a white male character during the month of February. If it’s a so-called “GIFT” can I get a refund?

  3. With regards to the above comment, I think that the thing was Jessie was problematic in that they introduced this comic book element and had to run with it. I suppose they could have proceeded with having Rick deal with the abusive husband and everything that followed without the romance with Jessie (which felt all kinds of forced) but since that was pretty much Jessie’s only purpose, I’m hard pressed to see how else it could have been handled. That aside, I do agree that it would have been nice if they could have avoided it altogether.

    Anyway, I am still smiling about Richonne finally becoming canon. My husband (who is white) and I were practically bouncing off the walls. Well, mostly me, but both of us understand the significance of this, and it means a lot to us. I just hope the show-runners let us ride the high for a while. I don’t see either Rick or Michonne dying anytime soon (along with Daryl) but on this show, who knows what will happen?

  4. I know people like to see themselves mirrored on TV and commercials and we are seeing a lot more interracial families in the media. To me, This whole Rick-Michonne thing reminds me of the Angela Bassett and Ralph Fiennes “relationship” in futuristic noir tale called: Strange Days–the best move most people never saw. It was directed by Kathryn Bigelow.

    Fiennes played a dealer named Lenny Nero, the forerunner of the every man anti-hero on film. Lenny was obsessed with his ex-girlfriend played by Juliette Lewis, now a musician in a relationship with an equally sleazy producer (Wincott). Needless to say his ex-GF needs a damsel in distress rescue.

    Now, Angela Bassett (who also won a Saturn Award for her performance as “Mace”) gives a tremendous performance as a “defensive” limo driver who befriended Nero during his “police” days.

    They share a strange bond that walks the tightrope of friends on the cusp of plunging into something more, but are held back by their personal demons. As Mace, Bassett is strong, vulnerable, and stunning, rocking her fit-as-a-fiddle body earned while making the Tina Turner biopic WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT. She never gets trapped in the stoic role (unlike Michonne on TWD) , breaking free with the pain and fear that encloses her when the plot draws her deeper into Nero’s mess. Hmm, sound somewhat familiar?

    Back to TWD, my main grievance is the way The Walking Dead writes its stories and presents its characters–which is frankly horrific from a writing standpoint and it didn’t used to be that way when Frank Darabont was showrunner. Darabont really elevated the source material of Robert Kirkman.

    I also think the whole Rick Michonne hook up is about fan-service and what’s troubling to me is where do they go from here because let’s face it, when platonic TV couples hook up it breaks the tension and the magic and usually helps end the TV show regardless of the race factors e.g. Moonlighting and X Files and Friends, etc.

    Rick Grimes and Michonne (wow, she doesn’t even have a last name) were not an item in the comics. In fact, Michonne always went with Black men, namely Tyreese and Ezekiel and even Morgan. TWD is attempting to be edgy, but The Walking Dead is not the first 21st century TV show to depict this brand of interracial romance or relationships, so I don’t get all the ballyhoo but again it all circles back to people wanting to be validated on screen.

    I just wish TWD had been more artful about the development of this relationship and frankly, I just don’t buy into the chemistry between Rick and Michonne. Yes, Michonne was good with Carl and eventually with Judith. But, Rick and Michonne? This is the chick who decked it with a right hook when he was literally going berserk over Jessie just a few months ago. Well, relationships must be strange in a zombie apocalypse. LOL

  5. Excellent blog post. As a Brit and as an Afro Caribbean I read all of the comments on interracial relationships in America with interest. Interracial couples and children are much much more common and accepted in the UK than in the US.

    However despite this the representation of black women (and black people for that matter) in the UK is just as bad and disproportionate. Over here black and mixed race women are usually shown as either downtrodden, drug addicts, gang members, prostitutes, on drugs or comic figures. They are all shown as damaged in some way. Seeing dark skinned black women in lead roles is a rarity.

    I have a large, mixed extended family and I can honestly say I’ve never seen any of us represented on TV or in the cinema, ever.

    As for Michonne and Rick it sounds good to me although I no longer watch TWD but I suspect that Michonne will be killed off to make the ‘problem ‘ go away at some point, they will chicken out if there is any sign of it potentially affecting ratings. It will be interesting to see how long they will have the guts to keep a mixed relationship going on primetime US TV.

  6. It’s GREAT to hear a perspective from across the pond. I have only been a peripheral observer of the new Dr. Who and the treatment of Dr. Martha Jones is the reason why. I never understood the fan backlash against her except for pure racism–so I rarely watch the show.

    Back to TWD, like Morgan Freeman once said Black History Month should also be during the rest of the 11 months of every year (or words to that effect).

    I am still perturbed that Rick finally picking Michonne is such a great thing—is it because:

    a. He’s white.
    b. Michonne is seen as a “viable love interest” as someone put it.
    c. Michonne gets more screen time.
    d.__________________________. [Some other reason]

    I agree Moco Scribe, I think this new “twist” in the TWD story is going to either doom Michonne or doom the show–which is already long in the tooth anyway.

    It is sad that the so called mainstream can only see Black women as sexless mammys or tragic hypersexualized mulattoes or sassy sapphires and Latinas as cops or maids and Asian women as Dragon Ladies or martial artists and East Indian chicks w/heavy accents rockin’ saris and American Indians strictly on the reservation or playing Pocahontas and Arab women as Jasmines or terrorists or terrorist enablers (LOL). But, my main thing is VISIBILITY.

    So, I can deal with these myopic and hilarious Hollywoodisms because I have faith that as long as we have visibility and we will keep pushing the so called boundaries—one day soon we will create space and opportunities for all sorts of depictions and characterizations of people of color and not just during the SHORTEST month of the year.

  7. Interestingly the backlash against Dr Jones in Dr Who is probably more to do with the general demonisation of immigrants and anyone who looks remotely like an immigrant rather than a specific anti black woman thing. Although the latter will no doubt be in there too somewhere. This demonisation is the result of years of anti EU membership rhetoric culminating in blaming ‘immigrants’ for everything.

    But I digress, I hope we are all proved wrong and Michonne somehow survives her romance with Rick. My sense is that maybe TWD is reaching saturation point in the number of zombies that can be reasonably culled per series. I also agree that positive visibilty is really important, would the US ever have had a black President if Hollywood and TV hadn’t shown everyone first that it was possible? Just a thought from a neighbour from across the pond.

  8. I think Dr. Jones was treated disparately on Doctor Who because she was regarded in many quarters as a mere “replacement companion.”

    And, what I also didn’t care for was that unlike other companions, she not only became infatuated with the Doctor but also declared her feelings to him. She decided to stop travelling with him as he could not return her affection, but as you know continued to have a number of adventures, both with and without him, thanks to her work with UNIT and Torchwood.

    Finally, I do think that the fan backlashed was steeped in anti-immigrant rancor and was further Anti-Black female based on the ridiculous number of episodes that focused on Dr. Jones’s skin colour for example: “Human Nature” –In “Human Nature”, which takes place in 1913, nurse Joan Redford tells Martha, “Women might train to be doctors, but hardly a skivvy and hardly one of your color”, casting a negative light on Martha’s at-the-time working-class status and her skin color.

    And, “The Shakespeare Code” — Set in 1599, Martha validly asks the Doctor if she’d be all right walking about London. The Doctor responds “Just walk about like you own the place, works for me”—ignoring the fact that it mostly likely works for him because he’s taken the form of a white male. [Really, Doctor?!]

    Furthermore, when Shakespeare meets the Doctor and Martha, he asks the Doctor, “Who are you, exactly? More’s the point, who is your delicious blackamoor lady?” Here Shakespeare is using “blackamoor”, an accepted term at the time, to describe Martha, who is also implied to have been the inspiration behind Shakespeare’s “Dark Lady” sonnets.

    So, Michonne may have been thus far shielded from the casual racism that Dr. Jones experienced and Michonne never threw herself at Rick Grimes, but I agree that the moment TWD ratings dip—for whatever reason, and they are sinking fast simply for the age of this series and zombie saturation point plus bad writing–the whole Rickchonne romance will be a victim and Michonne, Katana Warrior Queen of the ZA may find herself on the receiving end of Negan’s trust companion, Lucille–not Glenn Rhee.

  9. Wow kinda weird to hear That 2016 black history month gift, is a white dude getting with a black woman.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think black womens beauty, and desirability is validated by white men.

    1. I totally agree! Black women are beautiful, smart, sexy and accomplished and it does not take a coupling with a white guy to make everyone realize it! BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I think they ruined TWD on so many levels, namely the Glenn dumpster slid moment, which made the show jump the shark. And, now, there’s the socially engineered “Rickchonne” experiment. I dumped the show, but heard last week’s lame episode featured Maggie and Glenn all hugged up in the RV (well, they are married but these two suddenly have zero chemistry [?]) and Rick and Michonne were reportedly “holding hands” in the RV and it all looked so forced and awkward that it was laughable. I maybe pop in to see how thy will ruin Negan, too. Because he will not be able to use his fave EFF word on AMC at the 9 o’clock hour. (As you can tell I now h8 watch the show it’s become so bad.)

  10. This is an old post but I wanted to respond anyway. Some are saying that Michonne is second choice but how can that be when she wasn’t in the running? Michonne wasn’t pining for Rick, she hadn’t declared her love to him. So how can she be second choice of runner up? Michonne was dealing with her own issues and was emotionally unavailable for a romantic relationship, until she was. Rick’s been hinting and staring her down for SEASONS. He was ready when they got to ASZ and Jessie was there and available despite her marriage. She was low-hanging fruit. Also, the author of this post explained that she’s not saying black women need to be validated by white men. Did some of you even read the post? Black women aren’t given leading lady status in dramas when black men are the male leads. Don’t act brand new and pretend you don’t understand the significance of this relationship on this show. Lastly, Michonne is still alive in the comics, as is Andrea, Rick’s comic girlfriend. Andrea is dead on the show but her relationship with Rick in the comic is super important to the story. TVMichonne is taking that arc from the comics. She’s not dying.

  11. You can “believe” Michonne wasn’t second choice, but her and Rick’s actions belie that premise. Whatever it takes, I guess. And, yes, I not only, read each article, line by line, I comprehend quite well.

  12. You can “believe” Michonne wasn’t second choice, but her and Rick’s actions belie that premise. Whatever it takes, I guess.

  13. Michonne is nobody’s second choice or second fiddle. Rick and Michonne have had a connection from their first meeting, which Rick’s wife had just died and he has a newborn. SG has said that their pairing has been planned for a while now, and if you go back and look at past episodes, it’s plain as the nose on your face. There are plenty of people who I’m sure can attest to the fact that they were best friends with someone for years and had many relationships with other throughout that time and then one day a switch flipped and they saw something else, a, hey, you’ve been here all the time the person I really need and love. Jessie was familiar, Jessie made herself available. Michonne had friendzoned Rick. She wasn’t sitting around pining for him. She was doing her own thing. So for you to say she was second choice like she declared her love to Rick and he rejected her and went to Jessie, that’s not at all how it was. And in the midst of the whole Jessie debacle, Rick is still giving Michonne elevator looks, telling her she can change his mind, still keeping her close, and living together, He still has on his ring. He and Jessie don’t sleep together. He always seemed ill at ease and awkward around her to me like he was in some kind of trance. He and Jessie share one kiss in a dark garage that’s never mentioned again, and he’s ready to leave her if things go south and doesn’t include her in his list of names. He was still in his Us vs. Them, and she was a them in his eyes which explains his detachment from her in the MSF when she touches his face and he just stares at her — no reciprocation, no hand holds, no kisses, no comforting words, nothing.

    Rick hadn’t been himself once he walked into those gates. He’s trying to take over, seeing red balloons and caressing walls and ranting and raving until Michonne knocks him the hell out. He was trying to get a do-over, hence all the references to Lori and her wanting a place like that for them. That doesn’t sound to me like he was as into Jessie as others like to extol. And her son hates his guts and wants him and/or Carl dead. Do you really think that was going to work out after her son maimed his son or that her kids were dead and he chose to save his kids over hers or that pretty much her whole family is dead because of him? Um, no. That whole storyline was a stretch, but that would have been just nonsensical for them or anyone else to even think about them being together after that night’s events. Talk about awkward. And when she tried to take down his son with her, he did what he had to do and cut her arm off, in essence, cutting ties to his past. Scott Gimple does love his symbolism. She reminded him of how things were before, but you can’t go back, Bob.

    So we get a two-month time jump, and the Grimes and Michonne are living in domestic bliss because nobody’s trying to eat them, kill them, they’re not starving, fighting off walkers, etc., he’s not wearing his ring anymore, he’s singing and popping fingers, he’s freaking happy, Carl is up and about, Judith’s about to start walking, and he spends the whole dadgum day looking for toothpaste for her, and when he lost the truck, he got the mints for her. They finally have a chance to just be, and they both realize at the same time what’s been there all along. How in the world is that second best when he did none of that with Jessie? was never that happy with Jessie? never had a bond like that with Jessie? As Andrew Lincoln said in a recent article, it was them looking at each other and it was, “Of course.”

    Sorry this was so long, but it grinds my gears when I hear that second fiddle bs or it was too soon or they’re brother and sister. I’ve watched every episode multiple times from Day 1, so I know what I’ve seen on my screen, and evidently so have millions of others judging by the response. They were two broken people who found each other in the most unlikeliest of places, grew together, became friends, became family, been to to hell and back together, bonded and created their own family unit, and have healed each other and filled those missing pieces that each had. They are stronger together and balance each other, are ride or die for each other, and she loves his kids like her own and they love her. Makes perfectly good sense to me. And it is a big freaking deal because although their connection has been there for a long time, TPTB could have gone with the standard trope of the black woman always the bff, the mammy, the strong woman who don’t need a man but never the love interest for the protagonist. Michonne is now the leading lady on the No. 1 TV, his equal, and she has a man and children that love her to pieces not because of her color but because she is everything they need and more. And she’s not a damsel in distress, so I suspect Richonne will be around for a long time to come just like its counterpart Randrea in the comics.

    1. To me, it ain’t no big deal for a noble Black woman to be some white guy’s sex chick–OK? You feel me? I think this contrived Rickconne thing wasn’t too well received based on the comments I have read elsewhere and with all the other myriad problems with this show, like when the show jumped the shark when Glenn “dumpster” slid [REALLY?] and how they are gonna fuck over the Negan roll out, The Walking Dead is gonna tank fast. The show has gotten utterly ridiculous and it used to be TOP CHOICE when Darabont was showrunner. I never watch TWD first run any way, I have better choices to view.

  14. From the piece on this site about GOE~ The last line applies to how The Walking Dead “played” Michonne:

    “Prime example: Gods of Egypt. The gods and goddesses have always been drawn in the ancient Egyptians’ own image. Yet, because of laziness and selfishness, a nearly all-white cast was chosen. It was too much work to find Egyptians (or people of color period, since Hollywood hardly ever casts correctly) to play these roles, unless you’re playing the goddess of love and beauty. ****************Then, of course, cast a woman of color so she can fulfill racist, sexist stereotypes of the exotic, hypersexual siren.***************************** ”

    So tired of a positive Black woman being denigrated by playing a white man’s comfort girl.

  15. I’m done with this show. It is not an organic relationship, it is clearly to appease critics who make everything about race.

    1. The Walking Dead jumped the shark a long time ago but people still watch it. The writing and the dialogue are terrible. Last night we saw Rick and Michonne naked in bed together, then SURPRISE! she crunches into a red apple (Like a ZA Eve) and then hands it to Rick (ZA Adam?) and then both Rick and she separately go off on quixotic jaunts leaving their kids (Carl and Judith) unsupervised once again. Michonne (again) gets captured, bound and gagged by a group called the Saviors from the Kingdom. D R E K.

      1. The fact that anyone would equate this to the pioneers who paved the way in television or call it a victory of some sorts speaks volumes. If anything this wipes out any strides made by resorting to old stereotypes. Don’t be fooled this was nothing more than a ratings stunt since that’s all the AMC suits seem to care about anymore post Darabont is insert comic milestone and minor details such as common sense character development and cohesive story telling don’t mean a hill of beans as long as we can show we’re down with the swirl. I knew this to be the case when I came across one online media hack’s blaring headline “Shonda Rhimes can’t be the only one doing it”. According to this hack, it’s the latest fad ladies and gents not a historical milestone remember that. Her character was noticeably sidelined in s5 because the writers clearly did not know what to do with her. This way she will be permanently benched as they will use her for plot device purposes only to prop up the male protagonist angst or ego whichever the lazy writing and ill-conceived plot demands. Oh yeah, she’ll get the occasional dialogue here and there but mostly she’ll be but in danger so he’ll have cause to worry, oops! spoke to soon it’s already happened, well maybe she’ll keep him in line like in s5 not a chance during the unnecessary forbidden fruit scene she was complicit in stroking his ego and his cock which in this case is one in the same. First mints now this. As far as filling the void left by Andrea let’s see Carol inherited her strength, Sasha has a lock on the sharpshooter skills so that leaves the glorified sex interest. The writers are going out of their way to putting as little effort if any in executing this appropriately they don’t seem to be taking it seriously in the least unless their warped since of romance/interaction means non-stop sex, for the purpose of unintentional laughs and mockery.
        They were so desperate to throw this fast food pairing together that they were willing to sweep under the rug his and her part in his kid’s eye getting shot out and don’t even start with that sexual history speech he gave the poor kid nothing at all about the psychological affects this kid may be suffering as a result of his ordeal the poor kid barely wants to be seen in public and let’s not forget parenting by baby monitor I’m surprised she hasn’t starved to death by now she probably would have by now if carol wasn’t taking care of her. Speaking of which, Carol will be inheriting story arcs as well as she has had some development over time, although I tired of the super duper carol episodes another reason I checked out, but still she doesn’t need to be anyone’s sex interest.
        The kid’s injury, which resulted in the murder of another kid, could have actually been used for character development regarding the parallels to her own child’s death at the very least which reminds me the speech she gave the poor kid in s4. The “I was lost, in love and left my child with his crack smoking black father and he was chewed up by walkers, but your white daddy saved me so now I’m found” stereotype. Come on, if a person didn’t find that at least a little off putting then we really are lost as a people. What I find most disturbing is the mere mention of her being involved with a strong back male character like in the GN is met with scorn and resentment as though they’re not adequate. This is bizarre to say the least as it smacks of the very things hate, self-hate in this case and racism that anyone who doesn’t support the paring is accused of. .

        If this was truly for fan pandering and ratings I don’t think it helped as the numbers plunged to season lows afterwards and no the Oscars were only for one week and the numbers rose during last year’s broadcast, but so far it has stayed at record lows not saying the pairing has anything to do with it but it certainly isn’t the ratings jolt the show/runners and AMC were hoping for and don’t think for a second if this continues to flat line the numbers they want usher it out as quickly and sloppily as it was ushered in. Anyone who’s familiar with the show knows ratings tend to rise when a character dies, don’t get me started on the glen fake out I can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said, season finales and premiers. From everything I’m hearing about Negan’s grand entrance they run the risk of losing a portion of the audience for good. Like @attorneyTracey stated, the show is up in years and wearing thin it stop being must see TV a long time ago as I knew it was over for me when I fell asleep not once but twice during 5×16. I just stick to reading spoilers, and promo sneak peaks. It has a couple of years left but once fans start jumping ship it’s going to be hard to plug up the plot holes and put that genie back in the bottle.


      2. V68, I totally agree. The “Rickchonne” pairing was a total ratings stunt and look what has happened to this so-called “couple” now. Might funny how Rick and Michonne are allegedly so close, but those two in the penultimate episode called “EAST,” fail to discuss let alone even communicate about the idea of Rick running off with Morgan to hunt for crazy Carol or Michonne running off with sullen Rosita and Glenn, (who’s devolved into a sheer moron, who once again, leaves his pregnant and injured wife, now threatening a miscarriage, first chance he gets to go find tough as nails Daryl Dixon. I mean c’mon, people!) Really?

        One would think that Rick and Michonne would agree that one of those two should stay behind to look after injured Cael and baby Judith, but, nooooooo! What a JOKE this show has become and the onscreen conduct belies this so called “couple.” Not fooled by the latest scene either of those two in bed together sharing a proverbial apple. You should read some of the nasty comments about Michonne’s hair up on the AMC official website for The Walking Dead. (smh) Looks like nobody’s buying it, especially the racists.

        Only Negan done right can save this sorry series.

  16. LOL! Attorneytracey you mean “so called” Power Couple don’t you? LOL! After being away from the show I humored myself and caught the last 30 minutes of the finale. I wanted to see Negan’s entrance as I’ve been looking forward to it for several seasons now. Watching those last 30 minutes just reassured me that I made the right decision to call it quits. Anyway, they certainly didn’t look very powerful last night he was sniveling like a scared little puppy while being emasculated in front of his kid no less; forced to being made Negan’s b%$*ch. All the while, I don’t think he looked at his kid nor his playmate once too busy wallowing in his own recklessness and wounded pride I suppose. And yeah what’s up with Glen after his wife was taken hostage in “same boat” I think? To just take off to find a perfectly or so I thought capable Daryl knowing she was rattled. Maggie also expressed concerns regarding more security around Alexandra in which king of the ZA Adam dismissed the idea when mentioned by his Queen of the ZA Eve while slobbering over that apple she of course was a complicit, Yes woman,. Talk about a 180 character degree turn looks like all that non-stop sex is F%*#king her brains right out of her head.

    Oh wow! Regarding the comments about her hair, Seriously, I’ve noticed no matter what, the small but loud hardcore fandom will hype this debacle to the very end but I’ve also noticed after getting a taste some find it as appetizing as that apple. Even going as far as to blaming the actress for not trying hard enough in bringing the sexy(….whatever) to make up for the lack of chemistry… and yes they comment on her dreadlocks saying she should cut or wash them(to be more European I suppose???). This coming from fans that not only support the pairing but were enraged when he a white man was attracted to gasp! A white woman, Jessie, last season go figure. What’s really puzzling and pathetic is this along with the other debacles surrounding the show wasn’t necessary. The Show runners and AMC have created problems where there weren’t any to begin with. Sure the show will receive sky high ratings in the short term for deaths (which are becoming more and more predictable as they seem to shy away from killing off main characters), finales and premiers…. Fans tend to be loyal to the very end no matter what it’s only when they feel unappreciated or played for fools is when they leave, thus they may be hurrying the show’s demise a lot more prematurely than expected.

  17. attorneytracey agreed 110%, the official title “King and Queen “Power Couple” of the ZA” bestowed upon them by the small but vocal fandom who also hope for little royal ZA caramel babies, their words not mine, before the series end. He being forced to kiss Negan’s barbed wire bat ring and she easily captured, bound, gagged and thrown in the back of a van (lol). I think it’s safe to say but I won’t bet the ranch considering how the show has spiraled out of control that won’t be happening. Ridiculous! I was so looking forward to Negan’s (I like JDM) grand entrance but found myself being taken right out of the scene long before he swung the bat… what a letdown. I only saw the last 30 minutes of the finale but heard it was a rehash of the terminus finale???? I knew this show was in trouble but geez I underestimated just how much, I’ll say it again there’s no need for all the stunts. I just wish they’d go back to what the show and the GN was really about. Trying to survive in an ever changing world where no one is safe instead of all this insert comic moment and TWD/X-Men mash plot amour non-sense.

    I suspected the finale would draw some fire but I didn’t realize how much aside from the usual online media hacks some of the more well-known publications are also ripping the finale as well as the show in general, the forced relationships, the telegraphed third tier character deaths, inconsistent storytelling and so forth. I came across a petition the other day demanding the show runners head (Yikes). Along with Comments giving the Darabont era some love. Also, as expected the numbers were down. Tptb have been in damage mode even before the finale but despite how many interviews, and BS press releases to blunt the blowback and spin the ratings drop, I think they were definitely expecting better considering how much the finale was hyped. But as you so rightly put the show has been suffering creatively and the ratings have been steadily dipping all season long.

    1. “King and Queen Power couple?” That’s funny. The Richonners are a strange and silly group of girls and women that are desperate to be validated by being considered attractive to white men like Andy Lincoln. I actually saw where one of girls actually made the claim that Lincoln, during his kiss scene, had actually slipped Danai Gurira the tongue. She claimed to have watched it many times to make sure. These girls are delusional. I tried pointing out to them that by Michonne being a love interest of Rick, makes her even more irrelevant. It clears the way for Carol to take comic Michonne’s Kingdom story arc, while Michonne continues to play scowling mammy/attack dog that’s getting laid now. It should be obvious to anyone watching the show that Carol is the alpha female of TWD. Carol gets the bottle episodes and Carol gets the “best” arcs. Michonne is an ancillary character only on the show so that Gimple can throw a bone at the comic readers who are watching, but make no mistake Carol/Mcbride is the female lead on this show. Richonner’s don’t care cause…..well…… a white man kissed a black woman. OH HAPPY DAY!!!!

  18. Contrived! What show are people watching. Let me guess. If this happened between Sasha and Rick, no one would flinch. Look attorney, I don’t know why you feel the need to highjack this post and make everyone who is happy about this pairing unhappy. you have said you piece like a 100 times and we get it. You don’t like it. But, let me tell you, yes, millions of people do. And, yes, if you watch the show you will see since s3, they have been building these 2 to be a couple. If SG and the writers cared about pleasing fans Daryl and Carol would be together. I hate that in 2016 this is a convo and people are acting like Michonne can’t be happy with Rick bc he is white. If she was with Morgan and they sprung that on, I am sure no one would say anything. So sad that POC think this is a fail. Months later, people are still rejoicing in the streets about this pair. Thank goodness SG cares about doing things correctly and putting people who are meant to be together together. I am tired of seeing people who apparently “care” about WOC or Michonne down this relationship. We all know the truth so why not just out and say it.

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