Where is the Daywalker?

Join me, if you will, in an informal survey of the Non-Disney Marvel Comic Book Movie landscape:


  • Three original trilogy X-Men films: Out of all three, only the Nightcrawler invades the White House scene was truly necessary viewing.
  • As of this writing, two “X-Men in the past” films have been released: I quite liked First Class, aside from Darwin dying a punk’s death. I can adapt to anything, but this one thing. I’m also the only brother in the film and I get killed? Also, the only woman of color joins the baddies? Riiigghhhttt. The film would have been much better served if it was Magneto: Nazi Hunter. I’d pay to see that over and over. Have some fears around
  • Two Wolverine films: They both sucked.
  • Three Fantastic Four films (including a reboot): They all sucked
  • Three films of the original Spider-Man trilogy: Only the second film was any good.
  • Three Amazing Spider-Man films: Ugh. The less said…
  • Daredevil: No.
  • Elektra: Hell no.
  • Deadpool: Aside from a couple of scenes that skewed borderline racist, the film was an enormous breath of fresh superhero film air. It was so fun and gleefully violent, and self-aware in a good way. It set a standard. Not sure what kind of standard, but it sure as hell set one.


But real talk: Isn’t it about to for a Blade reboot?

For the record, the first Blade film paved the way for the X-franchise. This obscure (anti) hero’s cinematic success loosened studio purse strings and allowed for the celluloid adventures of those merry mutants.

The first Blade film is also a classic. From the opening scene, the Daywalker’s world and his place in it was firmly established. He was the badass that all other superhero badasses copy.

Blade II, aside from some horrible CGI sequences was a revelation. Not in terms of storytelling, but in peeling back another layer of the Blade-verse. A vampire kink club? That was astonishing.

We should not ever speak of Blade III. One of the worst things about this film, Ryan Reynolds, is responsible for one of the best superhero interpretations on film. Go figure.

Unlike the rest of the Non-Disney Marvel movies, Blade and his world have a whole lot to say. There are plenty of secrets to uncover and discover. From the first film, who was that brother that Blade trusted to make his serum? They seemed to be really close. Who else did that man support? There was a profoundly pan-African context there to be explored. If you tied African mythology, legend, folklore, and spirituality to the Blade narrative, oh the places we could go.


There were some attempts to keep the world of Blade afloat. There was the television program Blade: The Series. While it wasn’t the best show, there was some really great ideas in there that deserve to be expanded upon.

4dffce5d79fd6The Blade anime was also another interesting addition to the mythos. I’m not too familiar (or too big of a fan) of anime, so I cannot vet whether or not Blade works in this form. If anime is your thing, please comment below and provide your take.

In the comic world, Blade has been hit or miss, as of late. There was David F. Walker’s Blade versus Howard the Duck.


He was ill-used in Marvel Comic’s “Civil War” arc, and him masquerading as Ronin in The Mighty Avengers was a poor use of a very cool character.

Blade should have offed Jubilee and Wolverine.
Blade should have offed Jubilee and Wolverine.

I know some of you are asking yourselves: Why Blade? What does this character have, that say, any other B-level Marvel character doesn’t?

Blade has two good movies under his belt. There is an entire universe to explore. What is Blade’s connection to Brother Voodoo? A character that is sorely underutilized. What if Blade shifted from being just a vampire hunter into being the Non Diseny Marvel cineverse’s John Constantine? He could tackle more occult and supernatural threats that tie into the larger MCU — especially since Marvel reacquired the character.

What a fantastic Dr. Strange cameo.
What a fantastic Dr. Strange cameo.

There is a rumor that the next Blade incarnation will be his daughter. We haven’t had enough of Blade, yet, for him to be usurped by his offspring. If they get equal (well-written) screen time, then I’m all in. But if they try and pull some Blade III pass the torch to lesser characters B.S. , I’ll make it my life’s mission that the film earns less than a dollar.

Hey Marvel, if you do decide to reboot the Blade franchise, I’ve already written the treatment for a new trilogy. Have your people speak with my people.

13 thoughts on “Where is the Daywalker?

    1. I don’t like Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool but based on box office returns I am apparently in the minority. LMAO!

  1. I want more Blade and I want it done well and without any Whitewashing or nonsense. And I want his daughter to come in and for the mythos to not be screwed with overmuch.

  2. It is well past due to have a Blade reboot. As for casting, whoever gets the role has gotta BRING THE EDGE like Wesley Snipes did. I can almost see Boyega more in the role than Michael B. Jordan. I can also see ***Lance Gross**** or Nate Parker starring or maybe even Chadwick Boseman. But, LANCE GROSS from PHENOM would be my TOP CHOICE!

    I’d also like to see Wes Snipes return to the film in another role. Snipes really broke ground as the first bona fide Black action film star!

    1. YES! Lance Gross would be EPIC in this role (I’d be on board too if Boyega took on the role) And I also wanna know what happens with Dr. Jenson! Does she continue working on finding a cure and making serums? Is she part of the underground fight against vampires? Has she learn to kickass in a fight? LOL Seriously though, I would flove for N’Bushe Wright to make an appearance in the reboot too.

      1. Wow…the award-winning N’Bushe Wright, now that’s a name I haven’t heard in years. I remember her as “Nikki” from Zebrahead and she was going to be a real up and comer. IMDb says she hasn’t wracked up any acting credits since 2006.

        I agree, Soprano Musings! She would be great in the reboot!

  3. I love the first Blade. Full of great fight choreography and motion. Blade 2’s fights were also massive (thank you Donnie Yen – and then you got killed) and gave another layer to this unapologetic badass.

    Now, IF you do Reboot Blade with a male actor, I have one big stipulation…please please PLEASE get someone with a martial arts background. Michael Jai White is great, stuntman Aaron Toney would be amazing, or yes, Michael B. Jordan who not only oozes physicality but being in a boxing movie makes him perfect to learn the fights. For me, Wes Snipes’ martial arts background was KEY to the success of the film and I wanna see that happen with the next film.

    Well, whatever the producers choose do, I hope they make the reboot dark, fresh and entertaining. Cuz if they don’t, then they’ll just be another group of motherfuckers trying to skate uphill. (drops mic)

  4. I love Michael Jai White (age 48) but, he was Spawn and I think someone new and a little younger should play the new Blade in a reboot. I nominate Mike Colter (age 39) who plays Marvel’s Luke Cage on A/K/A Jessica Jones. Wait! I mean can this guy can play BLADE, too, right? LOL

  5. I like Boyega, but in light of the recent Iron Fist (mis) casting, PLEASE hire an American! LOL We have plenty of talent stateside.

  6. I think they should pick an actor in his 30’s someone who’s been at this for a while perhaps possibly someone with a martial arts background Arrow’s David Ramsey would be good he has a martial arts background. But it begs the question how would vampires fit into the MCU? I think they should continue with the vampires rooted in science instead of the supernatural aspect.

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