DC FanDome: New Look at Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer for Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’

The DC FanDome bus keeps on chugging folks! And we just got a really great glimpse of Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer from the upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Sandman!

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NOC Interview: James McAvoy on Audible’s ‘The Sandman: Act II’

James McAvoy voices the title role of Dream in the Audible Original, The Sandman: Act II. The new installment of the audio drama series was released on Wednesday, September 22 and is a total of 21 episodes. The first installment is currently available for free on Audible, Amazon Music, and through Alexa enabled devices until October 22.

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Enter ‘The Sandman’ First Look at New Netflix Series

Today during Netflix’s virtual TUDUM event, we got our first glimpse of the eagerly awaited live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s seminal DC/Vertigo comic book series, The Sandman! It’s been a really long road bringing this one to life, with countless starts and stops for various film and tv adaptations. At long last, fans of the comic are finally getting it courtesy of Netflix.

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‘The Sandman’ is Coming to Netflix

One of the most beloved mature comics of all time is finally coming to life! Netflix is unleashing The Sandman, courtesy of its legendary creator Neil Gaiman! And at last, this week, they’ve given us a look at the upcoming series with a behind the scenes feature and cast announcement!

Check out the behind the scenes feature right here:

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In Which I Seek My Father

The Lion King. Disney. Safe bet,” I hear my mom say in the other room. And with that, my family is off to the movies.

Movies seem safe. An escape, a way to forget about everything that has just happened.

The Lion King opened in June, but it’s now October. Only one small theater near us is still playing it, but tickets are only a couple of dollars. The theater is empty except for my mother, my brother, my sister, and me. My sister has just turned six. My brother is seven. I am thirteen.

The lights dim and the film begins. Everything is fine. This feels good; it’s a nice escape. The colors are bright, the music pleasant.

And then…

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