Boom! Pow! Smash! Adam WarRock Raps About Batman

This morning, Newsarama debuted the video for “B.S.F.X.,” the lead single off Adam WarRock‘s forthcoming studio album The Middle of Nowhere.

Since WarRock is such an avowed Marvel head (as if his rap name didn’t already give it away), songs in the key of DC are few and far between. But from the Watchmenesque album cover to his latest single, it seems Adam isn’t just exclusive to “the 616.” So when he drops a track about the Dark Knight, you know I’m about it!

With assists from Betty Felon (as Robin) and AK Wood (as Batgirl), and directed by Joey Miller, Adam rocks a Nightwing mask and does the Batusi while taking out goons and thugs in the video for “B.S.F.X.” — which, if you couldn’t figure out, stands for “Batman Sound FX.”

So watch the video, and when you’re done, say “happy birthday” to Adam by pre-ordering his new album now, and you’ll get it when it drops on November 5!

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