EXCLUSIVE: Strength in NUMBERS Featuring DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG by Jef Castro

The Strength in NUMBERS train keeps rolling as we unveil the latest “variant” album cover to Chops’ massive Asian American hip-hop movement.

The latest Strength in NUMBERS album cover features legendary DJ, turntablist, and mixtape master, the AZN Russell Westbrook, DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG illustrated by the art collective known as POINT & QUESTION aka Jef Castro (senior artist on Secret Identities) and his partner-in-art, SooJ Lee.

After the jump, download a high-resolution jpeg of the latest Strength in NUMBERS alternate album cover. Just right-click on the image and save. And remember to DONATE NOW to help make this project a reality!

??????????????????????NAME: DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG
@djneilarmstrong djneilarmstrong.com
KNOWN FOR: Founding the 5th Platoon DJ collective, highly acclaimed and widely loved mixtapes, repping for Adidas as global ambassador, and sharing the stage with an incredible list of musical greats, including touring with Jay Z.
STRENGTH: Turntablism, blends, live performance.
CHOICE LINE from Strength In NUMBERS: “chickawicka chick, ziggita ziggita zig, The Revolution Pop- Poppin Off, Who Wan- cha chicka chicka cha chick Who Wanna Come Along?”

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