Eight Reasons We Love Black Canary

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During a recent episode of The Flash that featured folks crossing over from Arrow, I was more than amused to watch Cisco geek out when he met Laurel, aka Black Canary. Because when it comes to the love of all things Black Canary, I can so relate.

And with good reason. At least eight reasons in fact.

1) She’s a natural leader.

Whether it’s field commander of the all-female Birds of Prey or chairwoman of the Justice League, Dinah can always be counted on to lead her teammates to meet any challenge.

2) Her kung fu is fierce.

Lesser capes would rely solely on their meta powers. Not Dinah. Whether training under Lady Shiva, Cassandra Cain, Wildcat, or Wonder Woman, Dinah remains dedicated to sharpening her skills and pushing herself to new heights. As a result she has established herself as one of the most skilled and accomplished fighters in the DC Universe.

3) She’s a loving and devoted mother

[Ed note: That’s a decidedly not white Sin, by the way.]

4.) She’s all about that sisterhood.


5.) Dinah takes crap from no one.

Whether it’s former kidnapper Savant, her high-maintenance husband, Ollie, or his greatest rival, Merlyn, they’ve all learned that Dinah’s bad side is not a place where they want to find themselves.

6.) No really, Dinah takes crap from absolutely no one.

It’s not often that DC’s Trinity is found on the wrong side of an issue. However that’s exactly what happened in Justice League #27.

Recently appointed Justice League chairwoman, Dinah discovered that her teammates had been secretly meeting and undermining her leadership. Crashing their rendezvous (and bringing her own folding chair to boot) a confident and furious Dinah read Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman the riot act in grand fashion.

7.) The fiercest of ladies tend to portray Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary.

The elite list actresses who have portrayed Dinah (or some variation of the character) includes Morena Baccarin on Justice League Unlimited and of course Caity Lotz, Katie Cassidy, and River Song herself, Alex Kingston, on Arrow. We also can’t forget about Rachel Skarsten and Lori Loughlin on The WB’s 2002 series Birds of Prey.

8.) She is Canary, hear her cry!!!!

[Ed note: Also, how great was it when Laurel busted out the traditional Canary Cry on Arrow recently?]

You can clip this canary’s wings and she will still soar. Dinah has suffered more than her share of personal tragedy. Cults, torture, substance abuse, she has weathered more than a few personal storms. Just the same, no matter how many times she falls, she picks herself up and returns stronger than before.

In the comics, Oliver once said that his wife may just be the toughest female superhero second to Wonder Woman. He may be right about that.

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  1. She may be stronger than wonder woman! I don’t see wonder woman raising Sin or screaming bloody murder to kill people!

  2. It’s always interesting to see how illustrators draw comic book bodies of women.

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