Love For Leslie Jones

I’ll say this much for the new Ghostbusters film, it’s staying true to the spirit of the franchise. Apparently.

Just as Ernie Hudson got thrown under the bus and treated like garbage during the release of the original Ghostbusters film, Leslie Jones is enduring the same crap in wake of the reboot.

While the other actresses in Ghostbusters are celebrating the release of their film, Leslie Jones endures being snubbed by racist designers and being harassed nonstop on social media.

Funny how that sisterhood and solidarity is now nowhere to be found.

And that is white feminism in a nutshell.

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. “

And that’s also why I’ll be skipping the new Ghostbusters film.

Ms. Jones deserves better. So does Mr. Hudson. And so do nerds of color.

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  1. cant be surprised, didnt they attack oprah for supporting obama instead of hilary? they dont want to get involved in situations that are outside their fight in this case race but they want us (gays, people of color) to support them and yes miss no longer charmed you are the poster girl for these kind of shananigans

  2. When I heard how they wrote Jones’ character I was deeply offended and really didn’t want to see the Ghostbusters reboot. Why can’t WoC being doctors and researchers and experts? I was really torn on the one hand wanting to support women in general in Hollywood movies, but on the other hand not wanting to pay good money to a flick that perpetuates stupid stereotypes of Black women on the silver screen.

    I did end up seeing the flick and it lived up to everything I thought it would be (TOTAL CRAP), but Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon did a great job with what they had to work with and Jones even moreso because Patty was a straight up stereotype but she came across as a good person, a bright person, a helpful person and she was entertaining.

    I have to say that I re-watched the original Ghostbusters on TV last week and I suppose the reason they came out with this all female reboot was to make amends for the sexist treatment of all women in the first movie. I think it was a marketing mistake and the film would have been better served by a “co ed” team as we have seen in other more successful pictures like Star Trek and The Martian, etc.

    I have never been to keen on the white feminist movement, which tends to take care of its own and leave everyone else in the dust if you’re not WASP or a Caucasian Jewish female. That’s why the Womanist movement arose in answer.

    I applaud Ms. Jones for her courage and in 2016, still having to be a ground breaker. The mistreatment of Ms. Jones (being called a “gorilla” and an arbiter of the AIDS virus (WTF?) by some white, male “journalist” is utterly appalling and glad the maggot imbecile got banned from Twitter. I SUPPORT YOU LESLIE JONES! YOU LOOKED BEAUTIFUL ON THE RED CARPET AND KEEP GOING, BABY! YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY!!!
    I thought Kate McKinnon had this Lesbian vibe emanating from the celluloid…Anyone else pick up that?

    1. Because she was supposed to be a lesbian in the movie. Kevin Feig wanted it, the studio didn’t, according to him.

      And yeah, they missed out on showing us Patty’s historical degree. Instead, they changed it to “reading a lot of nonfiction.”

  3. Sorry for the typos! I was PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. While this is totally valid because it is 100% true: “And that is white feminism in a nutshell.”

    I would also add, given that the heterosexual women threw the lesbians under the bus after Roe v Wade,

    I would add:” And that is white heterosexual feminism in a nutshell; because male identified, and not into sisterhood.”

  5. I had the same thought about Ernie in the Original movie when I saw it on it’s original release.

    his character made no sense, because they took out the back story where he was in at the start, so Bill Murray got more screen time, like getting the girl wasn’t enough.

    the pecking order of Geekdom.

    1. Yeah, since at the time of the movie, they were courting Eddie Murphy, and as such, the role for Zeddmore was much bigger, showing him with the crew from the beginning.

      When they couldn’t get Eddie, they changed the script and Ernie ended up reduced from a electrical engineer to “Hey if there’s a paycheck, I’ll believe whatever…”

    2. I think it goes beyond that. Blacks have historically been used as the sidekick or the “Magic Negro,” placed in the picture to make the White lead(s) look “MORE,” or to be assisting them to their ends to their goals as if the Black character doesn’t have a life of his or her own. They exploit, use them up and throw ’em away when they have no more good use for them and that’s precisely what happened to Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters. The more I talk about the original movie the more I absolutely hate it for how it treated the Winston character and every single woman on its celluloid. Really staggering. UGH!

      1. you are 100% correct and probably being shy and holding back even… it is frustrating when we are never given entertainment of peoples getting along or even trying to… the problem is that people think sarcasm is just snide rude and obvious…. cheap laughs and easy targets is playing the penny seats and there is rarely anything cerebral enough for people to put down books and watch something that is not just pandering and floundering around.

      2. by allowing Hudson to be in it for the paycheck, they undermined the “science reality” within the show and the idealist ending of gosh gee we have to get along in New York… the problem is often when someone who is an academic or actual professional, because they don’t do stuff based on emotion, end up being played as dumb as the average and below folks.

  6. Hudson was supposed to have been an ex-military officer in the original script and then they changed it. Interesting that Patty was supposed to have a history degree that also got cut. I like the franchise and I saw the movie opening day. It’s horrible what happened to Jones, and that her costars said nothing to support her makes it so much worse. I’m disappointed, but even if I hadn’t seen the movie yet, I would still. Jones deserves our support. I will also be buying Patty action figures, btw.

  7. The fact that this is evening happening is fucking appalling. Blog rings true in this case, and think the quote “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” is so much more damning in light of this. C’mon on interwebs, be NICE to Leslie!

  8. Ernie Husdon is from Detroit like me. I always enjoyed watching him on screen. He was so good in THE CROW any many other movies but I think in the original Ghostbusters, despite being the FOURTH GHOSTBUSTER, he got reduced to being THE BLACK SIDEKICK and that really sucks. This even happened to Will Smith in “Bagger Vance” (released in 2000) but Smith had more cache after he blew up huge to full fledged movie star courtesy of Independence Day, which came out in 1996, so he was still gain that upward trajectory.

    Now, they tried to do the same damn thing to Leslie Jones but at least she wasn’t left out of the marketing including the posters and trailer like Hudson was. HELL, I’m surprised they even invited him back to do a cameo as Patty’s uncle or kin. I am sure he was paid far less than the others.

    It’s a shame Ernie Hudson never got a chance to rise in Hollywood even as a character actor. Do you realize that after Ghostbusters it took him a full three (3) years to even land another role? In contrast, Murray and Ackroyd and Ramis (to a lesser extent) blew up to mega stars. Hell, Rick Moranis even did better than Ernie.

    Here are some very telling quotes from Ernie Hudson about his GB experience:

    ‘You know Ghostbusters was a lot of fun. The guys were a lot of fun to work with and we laughed a lot,’ he said.
    ‘But for me personally the movie was probably the most fun and one of the most painful movies I’ve ever done.

    ‘For me it was a real adjustment because the studio kept making decisions that did not include me. So it was hard for me psychologically to stay positive.

    ‘It’s only been in the last 15 years that I’ve actually started to relax and embrace the whole Ghostbuster idea because basically when the movie came out – I wasn’t on the poster, I wasn’t in the trailer.’ ~ Ernie Hudson


    1. I felt Will has been in it more for the money than the craft itself. The reason he didn’t come back for the sequel is because he wanted more money and the producers felt they could do without him. Independence Day really jump started his career he was Mr. Box Office.

      You are correct about the feminist movement in that sense back then in the early 1900’s most of the leaders of suffragette movement were wealthy WASP women and when it came down to it they were in it for their own gains. The world is hardly a black and white place as I’ve come to know.

      About Leslie’s role I felt her being an MTA worker was endearing in that she was an every woman I like characters like that whom people can relate too. That’s why I like Bruce Banner over Tony Stark because Bruce is an every man just a normal guy in a bad situation.

      1. Regardless of what his motivations were, Will Smith ultimately chose wisely, because Independence Day: Resurgence was GODAWFUL. It stunk. Smith didn’t need to be connected with that even thought the original catapulted him into the stratosphere as an above the line movie star. Will Smith is definitely the exception to the Hollywood rule and bravo for him. Now. let’s see an Idris Elba as James Bond and more Black or PoC superheroes….Hello Jason Momoa as Aquaman!

        I am a student of history and very familiar with the evolution of the feminist movement in the United States. It’s never really been that inclusive. Interesting that you mention the term suffragette because that was yet another movie that tanked despite the Meryl Streep involvement. It was just too old and staid and “period” yet not done very well.

        When it comes to Black actors being cast in Ghostbusters, whether it’s Ernie Hudson as Winston or Leslie Jones as Patty, they are always relegated to the “every man or every woman” role and that’s offensive to me because Blacks are doctors, researchers, scientists, engineers and astronauts and they have been in the time period of the GB movie and well beforehand. But, I guess that’s not what “sells” in Hollywood. The Blacks always have to be the helper or the sidekick and somehow “lesser” in status in the societies they function in. That’s bogus.

        As to Bruce Banner, that guy’s a scientist and he’s far from the “every man” type, especially when he turns into the Hulk.

    1. So, because Leslie Jones may resort to accepting certain, questionable roles, she’s doomed to forever play them? If that’s the case she might not EVER get any regular work in white Hollywood. Look at Angela Bassett.

      1. Not you Attorneytracey. I was replying to Bernadette and agreeing with you.

  9. Definitely don’t get me wrong. I say if an advanced alien civilization with a technological capability far above that of our own wanted to conquer us there’s nothing we could do to stop them.

    I’ve become more of a cynic in my mid 20’s. For example the Civil War let’s not assume the North was any better than the South just because slavery was abolished decades before granted sure POC specifically had freedoms only dreamed off in the South. I also study history take for example the world wars, it is far more complicated than people realize. Many of the Nazis could have cared less about Hitler’s eugenics fantasy they cared more about the power they were given. My parents come from Latin America they lived under the reign of brutal dictators or rather one dictator let’s not assume just because your political leaders ”look” like you that things would be fair and just.

    God knows how our civilization will unravel into the 22nd century we’ve become way too many and people want more inclusive society yes I hope for that.

  10. I was a born cynic and so happy about that given the circumstances of human “civilization.” I never get disappointed on pleasantly surprised.

    As to North vs. South, any place that’s the birthplace of slavery, the KKK and Jim Crow laws in modern times is virtually caveman material. Britain had ended slavery back in the 1830s, and France in 1848. Outside of the South, only two major powers still had legal slavery: Spain in its colonies, notably Cuba; and Brazil.

    Back to America, the North was vastly superior to the South in every single way during the Civil War era. I always viewed the South as backwards with the North being intellectually superior and I have grounds to support the notion. For example, New England was far more devoted to education than the South. Of the nation’s 321 public high schools only 30 were in the South. In the South the sons of the poor were likely to receive no education. Illiteracy was more common in the South. Education there was more for the gentry, and teaching tended to be private. Unlike the South, in the North there was a general dislike of slavery and although abolitionists were a minority, there were more in New England than elsewhere in the North (or South).

    Also—women were also treated differently. In New England, women were more active and hard working, a few of them becoming doctors, writers or activists in their church. Women of the landed gentry in the South were put on pedestals, objectified and they had slaves to do their work.

    I’m a Yankee, always have been and always will be. I think I’ve been to just three Southern states in my lifetime and only in adulthood for business reasons: Georgia, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee and that’s quite enough for me. (Note: I have no roots in the South except for an obscure branch of the family from my paternal grandfather’s side of the family who despite a hybrid background including Italian and African heritage, identify strictly as White.)

  11. Hey again don’t get me wrong the North even the Midwest was and still is superior to the South in many aspects like education, rights, etc. Being a first generation American my roots I’ve planted them in the North despite me living somewhere else in the country right now. Plus many times in recent years many Southern politicians have attempted to fuse religion and politics together, a very bad mix right there. God should be left in the church not the classroom.

    I read an interesting theory that said if the South had succeeded in breaking away, they would have been supportive of Nazi Germany.

    1. It’s unraveling now but I won’t be around in the 22nd Century unless my remains (ashes) catch some sort of genesis wave out in space after they hitch a ride with whatever mission is scheduled post my mortem and somehow I return like Spock did in that one ST movie. LOL (Note: Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett and James Doohan and Arthur C.Clarke all had deep space “burials,” too.)

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