Hard NOC Live from SDCC 2016: Bernard Chang

This year at San Diego Comic-Con, we took Hard NOC Life on the road and spoke to numerous comic professionals on the floor of the San Diego Convention Center. We’ll be posting these interviews all week.

Today, we kick things off by going one-on-one with Bernard Chang.

Bernard takes some time out from his busy Comic-Con schedule to talk about co-creating the graphic novel King, about the last human survivor on Earth, and why he insisted the lead be Asian American. We also discuss the variant covers for DC Comics’ New Super-Man — including a cameo by our very own Keith — and the importance of populating his art with a diverse group of characters. Finally, we dive into Bernard’s love of basketball and the youth team he’s sponsoring in New York’s Chinatown.

Stay tuned for even more conversations from San Diego Comic Con 2016!

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