Today is the Last Day to Pre-Order Greg Pak’s Kingsway West #1

Today, August 1, is the final order cut-off date for comic shops to order Kingsway West, the new creator-owned series by Greg Pak and Mirko Colak. The Dark Horse book officially hits stores on August 24, but the more retailers order the book, the better chances you’ll be able to secure your own copy — and ensure more books like this get made.

Kingsway West is the first creator-owned book for a major publisher by superstar writer Greg Pak. It tells the story of a Chinese American gunslinger in the Old West who is searching for his wife in an alternate 19th century America where magic exists and “red gold” has pitted factions of miners and freemen against one another. If that description alone hasn’t already convinced you to add this to your pull list, then check out the trailer below, scored with original music by Adam WarRock!

An original narrative where people of color are front and center? Sign me up!

If you need help convincing your local comic shop to order the book, then just fill out this simple form on Greg’s website. Better yet, find your closest comic shop and ask them to order (multiple copies of) Kingsway West. But you have to do it today!

One thought on “Today is the Last Day to Pre-Order Greg Pak’s Kingsway West #1

  1. im not into guns or westerns so that stuff is a hard pass for me and homie so doesnt look chinese in this. i do like magic and we have an asian male lead and sister looks made cool. this is an on the fence title for me.

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