Here’s To You Bonnie Bennett

Last night The Vampire Diaries came to an end after eight seasons. In saying farewell to the gang from Mystic Falls, it seemed only right to take this opportunity and give the spotlight to the series’ most valuable player.

You guessed it, Bonnie Bennett, played flawlessly by the beautiful and immensely talented Kat Graham.

To Bonnie Bennett,

For saving Mystic Falls (usually singlehandedly) for eight seasons, we thank you.


For repeatedly making the ultimate sacrifices, we thank you.


For being the moral compass and helping redeem the likes of Caroline, Damian, Enzo and so many others, we thank you.

Pictures of You

For selflessly putting everyone else’s wellbeing above your own, time and time and time and time again, we thank you.


For giving black and brown kids a heroine in the world of urban fantasy/YA fiction, we thank you.


For constantly having to resolve the fusterclucks created by the other residents of Mystic Falls, we thank you.


For vanquishing the evil that is Katerina Petrova once and for all, we thank you.


For destroying Hell and saving the world, we thank you.


For personifying, epitomizing and redefining Black Girl Magic, we thank you.


For all these reasons and countless more, here’s to you Bonnie Bennett, and thank you.



5 thoughts on “Here’s To You Bonnie Bennett

  1. Damn…eight years later. I remember the first episode and I thought this is cool and it piqued my interest. Stefan…sacrificing himself for his brother that…well that mighty noble of him. Wait a minute Caroline is Professor X now? I know they were talking about a spinoff where Caroline leads a school for supernatural children.

  2. Bonnie did indeed save everyone and she is far more forgiving especially when it concerns Damon. I remember when she all goddess like on Klaus I have no doubt she would have killed him had she been given the proper circumstances. Glad she finally will start to take care of herself for once something Enzo wanted for her.

  3. Hmmp, I wonder if she has gotten around to adding the standard boilerplate addendum (a ‘la Vanessa Williams, Paula Patton, Viola Davis, Hallie Berry against having to portray any love interest in a black man.

    1. That show had no men of color worth noting over 8 years of shows. They kept pairing Bonnie up with white guys. BTW, I think it’s more the producers and writers fearing Black couples making something “too black” than actresses only wanting white partners.

  4. Notice how she was never with any of the main male leads on the show at all. Meanwhile,

    Caroline: Damon, Matt, Tyler, Stefan, Klaus, Alaric
    Elena: Damon, Matt, Stefan
    Bonnie: …..Jeremy, and then finally a true shoehorned romance with Enzo.

    She was sidelined so many times and basically was a magical plot device. If she were a white actress that never would have happened. I believe.

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