Iron Cyst and the Eight Point Strike

It’s too bad Iron Fist wasn’t remotely close to being as entertaining and brilliant as the backlash it’s been receiving. If it had, it would’ve been as popular as Daredevil or Luke Cage as opposed to being one of the biggest punchlines of 2017.

I’m sure one day we’ll all be tired of the proverbial “T” Madame Gao is serving us.

However, today is not that day.

Shifting into Midnighter mode, I’m about to demonstrate my 8-point strike on the fustercluck of white mediocrity that is Iron Cyst.



Point Strike One:


Point Strike Two:


Point Strike Three:


Point Strike Four:


Point Strike Five:




Point Strike Six:


Point Strike Seven:

So in other #IronCyst news Finn Jones is now throwing production under the bus saying that he didn’t have time to train. And with him being white, most people are accepting his lies as gospel.

I’m not most people.

He knew what he was getting himself into when he signed that contract and cashed that check. Having a recurring role on Rape of Thrones, this wasn’t his first rodeo. Part of being an actor is doing your due diligence in researching and preparing for said role.

Actors have trained relentlessly for two hour films, and this clown was in a 13-episode series.

Charlie Cox, Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennett, Rosario Dawson, and Jessica Henwick all came prepared for their respective roles.

Into The Badlands stars Daniel “I’m Too Sexy To Be Legal” Wu and Emily “I’m a Boss Chick” Beecham put in that work and they managed to come prepared for their roles.

But we’re supposed to make excuses for Jones?

If you claim that you’re unprepared for the industry and art you make your living in, then you’re an idiot, a liar, pathetic, or all of the above.

Please stop making excuses for your mediocrity. You’re disrespecting the artistry, embarrassing yourself, insulting our intelligence and wasting our time.


No really, I simply must insist….


As far as Finn Jones’s piss poor excuses go:


Point Strike Eight:


5 thoughts on “Iron Cyst and the Eight Point Strike

  1. not all the strikes hit for me (though they did all elicit a chuckle) but the ones that did where: strikes one, four (lol got a good laugh out that one with a side eye of “mmm hmmm” and thanks for that pic of mr. wu), five and eight.
    i would make and addendum to strikes five and seven if i may.
    addendum one: its ok to change literally everything else about danny’s history/character but long as he’s white the losers eat it up and pretend the changes “worked”
    addendum two: more like if you cant handle the work of the industry you are in then homie you need a new career. dog walkers are always needed.
    as always denny i thank you for the t. SLAY QUEEN! YAASSS

  2. Perhaps it’s the fair guy in me. This is his big break, his first major role he was on British soaps and then became King Renly’s lover. But you are right Dennis this isn’t his first rodeo, making excuses doesn’t help anyone you don’t learn from your mistakes. I hope he takes in the criticism and learns from it for the next time he’s taking a major TV role and doesn’t repeat the same mistakes. I wish the guy all the best nothing personal but he fucked up big time if I was him I’d take some time off and re-evaluate myself.

    I’ll say it again and again, Lewis Tan is Iron Fist unofficially of course. He fits the bill, he’s a trained stuntman and has been training in martial arts since he was a child, he’s half white half asian what better person to portray an outsider than a mixed race person who is of two worlds and he’s super sexy the Ferrari to Jones’ Toyota Corolla.

    Iron Cyst! I spit a bit of my coffee at that. LOL sounds like an alien disease.

  3. Finn Jones didn’t bring it in the martial arts dept., but I still found the series entertaining because I need a “bridge” to th Punisher. In contrast, Into the Badlands is HELLA bringin’ it! I love season 2 a lot more and Danny Wu’s fight scenes are better and I’m diggin’ his new look! HOT!
    So, MK is training to be an Iron Fist in K’unn L’unn? And, Chipo Chung as THE MASTER is AWESOME.

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