Robert Downey Jr. Confirms Return for ‘Avengers 4’

During the Avengers: Infinity War press conference today, Robert Downey Jr. was asked regarding the fate of his beloved character, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.

Downey Jr. isn’t one to skirt around the question and looked to Marvel president for confirmation. “Kevin? He’s nodding his head, but let me see what he whispers in my ear,” joked Downey Jr.

He continued, “Yes, we already filmed it, which means, you never know. I’m going to see it in the screen tomorrow. If I die tomorrow, I’m going to be confused. We’ll see. Did that answer your question?”

It’s safe to assume that if Tony Stark died and Downey Jr. would be very confused confirms we will be seeing our fearless leader again for the fourth film. He did not answer whether or not he’d survive the fourth film, but we’re glad to know he survives in this film.

Avengers: Infinity War premieres this Friday, April 27.

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